Dealing With Thyroid Disorders


Although the weather has taken a turn towards the warmer side but does it seem to impact you more than anyone else around? Have you been feeling excessively tired lately? Has your weight increased or dropped down inexplicably? Can you detect a large lump or goiter at the base of your neck?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you should get your thyroid glands tested!

thyroid2 Dealing With Thyroid DisordersThyroid gland is located just below the Adam’s apple on the front part of the neck. It produces thyroid hormones, which help in regulating bodily functions such as metabolic rate, energy consumption and body temperature. These hormones also optimize the body’s capability to utilize other hormones and vitamins for standard growth of body tissues. There are two kinds of disorders related to the thyroid gland. One is hyperthyroidism and the other is hypothyroidism.

thyroid Dealing With Thyroid DisordersIn hyperthyroidism, thyroid hormones are produced in an excessive amount. This is due to the the gland becoming overactive and leading to symptoms such as fatigue, abnormal bowel movements, disturbed metabolism and concentration issues. On the other hand, hypothyroidism refers to an under-active thyroid gland. It results in insufficient release of hormones and often causes constipation, increased sensitivity to low temperature and fatigue.


hypothyroidism symptoms checklist Dealing With Thyroid DisordersCommon symptoms of thyroid malfunction include excessive weight gain or weight loss, drastic mood swings, extreme changes in blood pressure values, depression and loss of eyesight. To get a comprehensive prognosis of your suspected thyroid disorder, you should consult an endocrinologist, who will ask you to run diagnostic blood tests in order to determine if your Tri-iodothyronine-T3, Thyroid-thyroxine-T4 and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone-TSH are within the normal range or not.

study conducted by Rani Faryal, et al., which was published in Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, collected data from 400 thyroid patients and concluded that the ratio between female and male patients is 3:1. Hence in Pakistan, the female population is more likely to be diagnosed with thyroid problems than males.


Apart from medical treatments, home care tips can also help prevent and contain thyroid symptoms on their early stages. Some of these are listed below:

  • Balanced diet
  • Vitamin A
  • WalnutWalnuts3 Dealing With Thyroid Disorders
  • Coconut oil
  • Exercising
  • Increasing water intake
  • Iodine consumption
  • Avoiding caffeinated products
  • Getting regular checkups done


With thyroid being a common problem among Pakistani women, there are a number of commonly asked questions about this disorder, which are answered below:

Are Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism Lifelong Conditions?

In many cases, hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism turn out to be lifelong conditions but they can be managed with proper care and treatment.

What are the Treatment Options Available for Thyroid Disorders?

368633458 9787a5eb26 m Dealing With Thyroid DisordersThere are both conventional as well as alternative treatment options available for thyroid problems. Conventional method relies on medications and surgery, depending upon the severity of the case. On the other hand, alternative healing process requires patients to incorporate lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, diet supplements and special exercises in their routine.

Consultation with a physician is important in the choice of treatment.

Does the Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

In order to treat thyroid problems, you will probably be prescribed tablets for hormone replacement therapy. Under controlled conditions, it may render minimum side effects.

What Dietary Changes Should a Thyroid Patient Make?

salt Dealing With Thyroid Disorders

A thyroid patient should follow a balanced diet plan, ensuring the recommended intake of iodine through iodized salt.


Disclaimer: This article is solely for the purpose of mass information. No data in the text or images should be taken as a substitution for the advice of a medical professional. 

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