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How To Create The Perfect Pout For Your Skin Tone

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If you want to add sparkle to your daily makeup routine, lipsticks are the way to go! The easiest way to add some color to your complexion is with a burst of color on your pout.6903483453 f88752ab53 300x154 e1363783708560 How To Create The Perfect Pout For Your Skin Tone With a huge variety of rich hues to choose from, lipsticks can help bring out the natural undertone of your skin and complement it.

Most of us have experienced the woes of spending money on a lipstick only to use it once and find that it made your skin look unusually dark and unappealing. There are plenty of ways to select a shade of lip color. A lipstick that brings out your features will also enhance your skin tone and make your teeth appear whiter.

With so many lipstick shades to choose from at the makeup counter of any store, finding the one that is perfect for your skin and features is not difficult if you keep a few tips in mind. While some of us might find shades of red, hot pinks and browns a little tricky to pull off, using similar or alternate shades will create the perfect pout.2952642373 44a0839778 300x217 e1363783826473 How To Create The Perfect Pout For Your Skin Tone

Have you ever thought why one shade of lip color looks stunning on you while another looks appalling? Chances are that you have not yet experimented with undertones. Once you have figured out your skin’s undertone, finding the right lipstick becomes an easy task.

There are 2 types of skin tones which influence the pigmentation of your skin color – cool and warm. Cool undertones have a pale and pink complexion. One way of identifying cool skin tone is if your veins appear through your skin in shades of blues. Most Pakistani women, however, have warm undertones due to their greater exposure to the sun and naturally tan skin tone. This would generally be categorized as a golden complexion, which is typically marked by the appearance of green veins under the skin. Warm undertones look divine in shades of peach and coral while cool-toned skin looks attractive in bright pinks.


4564193585 e5164d4644 175x300 e1363784259996 How To Create The Perfect Pout For Your Skin ToneMost Pakistani women have a warm skin tone. Our skin looks better against gold jewelry, while neutral and earthen tones of olive green, gold, bronze and beige complement our skin the most.

When it comes to lipsticks, opt for deeper hues of corals, rose-toned pinks and raspberry reds. Shimmery shades of bronze with gold sparkle look more appealing against tan and beige skin tones. Since our skin runs close to the orange side, complementing shades of rich coral-pinks bring out a fairer complexion.


Those with pale complexions and a skin type that does not have the tendency to tan as easily have a cool undertone. Their skin looks attractive in silver jewelry and shades of 5692696790 9505e87af3 m How To Create The Perfect Pout For Your Skin Tonepurples, greens and blues for makeup. Hues on the brighter side of the spectrum look appealing against cool skin tone.

For lipstick selection, cool skin tones will look best wearing shades of cherry reds, lilacs and frosted pinks. Think more shimmery and high-shine lipsticks in lighter shades. If you want to go bold with your lip color, opt for shades of purples with a pinkish tint. Avoid wearing shades of brown or rose-toned pinks since these shades are better suited against tanned skin tones.


Many times we buy a lip color that turns out to be the wrong choice for us. This is because most of the time we purchase lipsticks by testing them out on our wrists, which 3476163823 67bcbc09cc m How To Create The Perfect Pout For Your Skin Tonedoes not give us the most accurate idea of its actual shade. However, there is no other option as well since one cannot apply lipstick testers on the lips due to their questionable hygiene.

Lipsticks that are too dark or light should be mixed with a shimmery lip color to create a custom shade. This technique becomes much easier if you use a lip brush for application. Make sure the shades are properly mixed before applying a lip gloss or else your lips will look blotchy. 

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