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How To Deal With Workplace Harassment

Whenever we plan on a career, we are careful to go through the smallest of details. How it will benefit us? Will it be fruitful in the long run? What most us forget before planning out our professional life is the part where we are supposed to face hardships within it.

Hardships within the professional life require a certain amount of maturity in an individual that enables them in tackling every problem thrown in their way. One of these problems among the many is; work place harassment. Harassment is any act by anyone that may make you uncomfortable in your own skin.

It is everywhere isn’t it? From the second you set your foot outside your house to the second you’re home again, you can be harassed. Sometimes, one is not safe in their own house.

How to Identify Harassment

A person who is being harassed doesn’t need to be told so. They are the ones going through it, they can definitely feel it. If you feel it then it exists.

In your work place, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the opposite gender who does all the dirty work. It can be your colleagues of the same sex. It can be your boss, your secretary, it can even be the security guard outside your office.

There is no particular written list, nor an order. Who might target you can’t be told. It’s also not always females that get targeted, males are harassed just the same, and maybe worse, there is no way to tell.

what not to do How To Deal With Workplace Harassment

What NOT To Do

Blame Yourself

No matter what the case was, you should never blame yourself. It was not your fault. It was not your fault that you were polite or friendly with them, if you showed kindness towards them or just smiled at them. You are not at fault for how they are making you feel. It’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

Keep It to Yourself

Never keep a harassment incident to yourself. Trust someone. Let them know the humiliation one feels when something like this happens. The worst thing you can do is to keep it to yourself. Don’t keep it to yourself, tell someone. If you have no one to turn to, scream it out to no one in particular.

Stay the Same

Well that would be just pointless wouldn’t it? If something happens to you or someone does something to you at your office and they’re starting to do it regularly, then it’s time to change your behavior. Give your personality a turn when they repeat that particular action.

to do 450 How To Deal With Workplace Harassment

What to Do

Value your Self-Respect

Nothing should be more valuable to you than your self-respect. If someone dares make you uncomfortable, say it to them. Take a stand for yourself. You should know better than letting people walk over you.

Have Faith in yourself

If people in your office continue to bother you, be strong enough to work it out of that place. It shouldn’t matter if it’s the boss of your boss who’s teasing you. Have faith in your abilities. If taking a stand for yourself would mean jeopardizing your career, do it. Your job needs your abilities, if you have them, you will land another job, very soon.

Tell Others

Yes, do it. Spread the word in your workplace if you have to, be smart and turn it into a funny or inspirational story that keeps you safe but gets the message across as well. If you have to quit, tell the next you might apply at, the real reason for leaving your last job. It will only earn you more respect. Do it.


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