How to have a healthy pregnancy


Becoming a mother is a very special and important phase in every woman’s life and it’s common to have qualms and concerns about being pregnant. However, for some moms-to-be anxiety or depression becomes so severe and upsetting that it starts affecting their health and day-to-day functioning. Although, it’s perfectly alright to worry about your baby’s health and how it will change your life and relationships with others but if your anxiety starts affecting your everyday functioning then it’s time to seek professional help because this severe anxiety might turn into a depression. Some researchers have found that babies of depressed mothers are likely to be at risk of premature birth and the anxiety may also have an effect on the baby’s personality later on. Therefore, if you’re dealing with depression during pregnancy, it’s very important to discuss it with your obstetrician. You may also seek help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist for a proper diagnosis and treatment of your anxiety because untreated depression has some serious risks and can be injurious for both the baby and the mother-to-be.

It is said that antenatal care is the key factor of safe and healthy pregnancy. A lot of stress is given on antenatal care during pregnancy which includes regular visits to the obstetrician. They give you useful information for a safe pregnancy and answer your queries which help to identify and treat pregnancy complications. In Pakistan, people don’t pay much attention to the mental health of a pregnant woman and the emotional stress she goes through. Therefore, the visits to doctor should also include a depression/anxiety screening. No doubt, intake of healthy food is very important during pregnancy but one should also keep her or his partner’s mental health in priorities.

Having a healthy pregnancy is more than just getting a good antenatal care and eating healthy food. It is also important for a pregnant woman to be in a healthy environment. Somehow, working women are more likely to have anxiety thoughts and are at risk of environmental hazards. Therefore, they should be more careful about their health and try to keep themselves from harmful agents like radiation, chemicals and some metals. They should also avoid polluted and overcrowded areas.

While, some of the above findings may stress you out even more, but everyday tension and pressure is just a part of modern life. You just need to stay calm and share your worries with your partner. If that doesn’t help then professional counseling will surely get you out of all stresses and anxieties. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy by cutting down on your stress or learning how to deal with it will! 

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