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How to Identify Genuine Ray Ban Sunglasses in Pakistan


Knock- offs are usually much cheaper than the original item and practically look the same as the real thing, then why would anyone buy a genuine pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses in Pakistan? Even though fake sunglasses are one third the price of the original, they are almost always poorly made and easily breakable. The main purpose to wear sunshades is protection from UV rays, fakes are not able to protect the wearer from these rays either. It is for these reasons people prefer wearing the real thing. Below are a few points on how to differentiate between a real pair of Ray Ban and fake ones.

Cover and Casing

The real Ray Bans are packed in a grey branded cardboard box when sharp red Ray Ban logo. The box also contains a large white label which mentions its model/ sub-model number, lens type code (one digit one letter), lens width (two digits) and a barcode.Inside the box is a black genuine leather carry case. This case has a gold Ray Ban logo embossed on it while the inside of the case is lined with a red felt.

The dust cloth is also a good distinguishing indicator. A cheap-looking material which has thin, coarse or ratty texture and loose stitching is a big no-no. The dust cloth also has a red Ray Ban logo at the bottom right corner.


Even though looking at the cover is important as it warns you beforehand if the product is original or a fake, but even a perfect cover and casing might accompany fake sunglasses. It is only after a detailed analysis of the sunglasses itself that you may be able to make a decision. In the first glance the look and feel of original sunglasses speaks for itself.  All genuine Ray-Ban products are crafted from high-quality materials using the finest manufacturing processes makingthem extremely lightweight around the nose and ear area yet giving a solid and substantial feel. Original Ray Ban shades are cut from a single piece of metal, giving a smooth feel without any joints and rough spots.

On the item itself there are a few logos to look out for. Inside the right temple arm is a ‘Made in Italy’ stamp followed by ‘CE’ representing European Conformity. The left temple arm features model number and sizing details. There is ‘RB’ logo etched on the left lens just below the hinge and a Ray-Ban logo printed on the right hand lens. Check for the clarity and sharpness of all these logos.

If you are buying Ray Ban sunglasses, aviators, wayfarers or any other style from Pakistan, then make sure the seller is a trusted one. Either make the purchase from an officially licensed Ray Ban corporation. There are very few shops such as offers original Ray-Ban sunglasses. Kaymu is one such website where you may be able to find a variety of sunglasses of Ray-Bans and many other brands as well. Here you can shop the latest trends at affordable prices. Even though original gasses hardly ever break, still original glasses always come with a complete warranty. Still in doubt Ray Ban’s official website, is also another viable option. 

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