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How to Keep Your Makeup from Sweltering Heat


It has been fluctuating around 40 degrees Celsius with the kind of unpredictable weather that won’t let it rain neither it would cloud the sunrays pouring in direct harmful rays. It certainly would be appreciable if fewer tips led to accomplish this little annoying matter in a short time. Other than that, any advice won’t be of much help with powders, primers, or sun blocks. In the meantime, take a look at some recommendations, keeping in mind the general skin types in mind:

Go for the Cake

daraz 1 How to Keep Your Makeup from Sweltering HeatLiquid blemishing is not advisable due to its unnerving smearing across the areas concealed. However, the difference implied is in the usage of light-reflecting (dry) powder foundations and the effect it carries on your skin. Whether heading to Sunday market, or to a beach, you could preferably accede to using concealers except for the creams that demolish the skin structure with sweat that needs successive washing. Refrigerate the creams. Either way, concealers are great quick fixes to those unwanted patches or dark bags (calling circles is modest).

Keep it Down the Low

I know you don’t run out of your makeup assortments; avoid prepping your skin with moisturizers, especially the extra creamy ones. Like my skin wouldn’t survive a day without a face-wash and la source body cream. Similarly, a few of you might feel the crumble at certain places like lip corners and around the eyes. But too much application of the moisturizers or creams won’t allow the makeup from letting it stay on your face.

Change is the Only Constant

Is there an eyeliner or concealer ever so lurks in the dark corners of your purse? The same old that you hardly use in a couple months’ time. If that’s the case, your makeup item is continuously exposed to varying temperatures when you go out, or sit under air conditioned air. Consider the effect such variation would do to your skin. That causes to lose the cosmetic its effectiveness on your skin. It is crucial to keep this in notice of yours. Do not use expired makeup.

We Paint Ourselves

I remember a friend’s thought related to this subject – where he mentions ‘’women are like beautiful canvasses’’. So, if I should say that it wouldn’t hurt to go makeup-less one day in a week. It’s not a technique to save on makeup. But something modest would be a lip gloss swipe, and a hint of eyeliner would still make you look adorable and gorgeous.

daraz 2 How to Keep Your Makeup from Sweltering Heat

Find from local to international brands and makeup accessories under one roof for online shopping. It definitely pays off due to offering of pay cash on delivery, and free shipping services anywhere in Pakistan. Another convenience it brings for cosmetic lovers the service of International Shipping through online shopping from Pakistan. Wish you luck with these tips, for saving you and your makeup from this summer’s sweltering heat.

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The writer currently blogs & publishes on fashion clothing & reviews on Pakistani dresses. Also, Fatima Tabbani expertly informs local & foreign audiences on e-commerce topics & marketing scopes that involve writing more on online shopping in Pakistan.

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