Weight Loss Tips With Pakistani Food


Weight gain is a dilemma in the life of Pakistani population eating Pakistani food. In the vivacious race of achieving the best lifestyle and the ultimate survival to keep up with the pace, everyone has to work hard regardless of age and gender. Our body is in the process of constant wear and tear and so is our mind. As our body rejects the unwanted and non-fixable body organs, similarly our mind demands for our better looking self. It is inevitable that you, I and people in Pakistan stop that craving of looking the best. And weight gain, unfortunately, drains down this attitude. In order to put a stop to this enlisted below are some of the amazing and tested methods of losing weight without hurting your metabolism with the diet pills and drugs.

Breakfast- The most important meal of the day!

A lot of people hate waking up and going into the labor of making a breakfast. Some may even dislike the taste of any kind of edible probably due to morning sickness. But breakfast my friend is the best and most important meal of the day. A bowl of whole grain cereal, a low calorie paratha or a couple of toasts is an ideal breakfast along with a drink of your choice. Be it unsweetened glass of juice or a cup of revitalizing tea. It’s the perfect Pakistani food for breakfast.
 Weight Loss Tips With Pakistani Food

Beware of the midnight cravings:

Lock your fridge and food cabinets right after dinner. Make it a rule to never enter the kitchen for your untimely craving after your last meal of the day. If you are hungry at the late hour while studying, watching a movie or working, you might end up eating unhealthy, extra sweetened junk such as that devilish box of mithai in your refrigerator.

Load it with fiber:

Food short in the required amount of fats and fibers usually result in indigestion and this ultimately increases the toxicity in the body, which is common with Pakistani food. Fiber rich food is more filling than other food items. Add items such as bran breads, chakki atta (brown flour), popcorn, etc. The more fiber you add to your diet, the better it is for breaking the constipation cycle. It also aids in colon cleansing, which is an important step in the weight loss.

 Weight Loss Tips With Pakistani Food

Cook at home!

Urban areas such as Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad, etc. are now loaded with food streets. And anyone coming back from work, university or a frenzy episode of shopping might be tempted to stop to grab a parcel. This can be counted into both laziness and tiredness of cooking at home or for that extra taste that you get in restaurant food. Cooking at home with your own supply of meat, pulses, vegetables, flour, oil and spices is a very vital way of keeping those pounds away from your precious body. Home cooking gives you hundreds of healthy option to prepare from. Also avoid the junk food available at chain stores that love serving high calorie fried food such as burgers and fries. Though it tantalizes the taste buds, but it is not your stomachs best friend.

Weight loss and maintenance requires patience, control and motivation. Once you are determined to achieve your target and you have created an ideal stature in your mind, you can deceive any yearning for food items that lower your motivations and increases your dreadful experience on a weighing machine. 

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