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How To Pair Your Lipstick and Blush

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Creating a makeup look can be a bit of challenge, especially for those who have limited knowledge on color combinations and what works best for their skin tones. There are plenty of options to consider when pairing your lip makeup and blush. Picking the perfect lip and cheek makeup that compliment each other is a tip to prevent your entire makeup look from going over-the-top. You want your makeup to look flattering against your skin tone. Keep in mind the occasion you are going to attend, your skin tone and outfit while picking your makeup for the event.

A general rule of thumb for blush and lipstick pairing is to stick with the same color family- light pink or nude lipstick with bright pink blush, bright coral lips with a light peach blush.

Perfect Lips

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Wearing just a lipstick alone can easily liven up your complexion. If you’re an on-the-go girl, choose a flattering tone by comparing it against your natural lip color. Pick a medium tone lipstick that is about 2 shades darker than your natural lip color.  Nudes, rosy pinks and warm peaches work well for all skin tones depending on the particular hue. Lipsticks also come in a variety of finishes, from shimmery frosts, sheer, semi-matte or crème textures.

Blushing Cheeks

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Blush can be a major hit or miss- we have all gone a bit overboard or even used the wrong shade of blush. Blush is one beauty product that shouldn’t be judged by looking at it, all blushes are formulated differently with finishes and textures. Some are sheer and give off a light finish while others can be chalky and difficult to blend into the skin. Those with visible pores or wrinkles should avoid shimmery blushes, matte blushes look more sophisticated and natural on the skin for a flush of healthy color.

The next time you visit a super market, use the testers to your advantage. Lightly swirling your finger into the blush, you can easily judge how the product will apply. Some that are sheer might not appear on your skin. The best method is to apply the blush on the top of your hand and blend it out. If the color disappears or it’s difficult to blend, chances are it will not work on your skin. Choose a blush that gives a good amount of color and is easily blended.

Long-Lasting Blush:

From powder to cream blushes, what works best for you depends on your skin type and tone. Oily skin generates more moisture on the skin, causing powder products to slip off and fade a lot quicker. If you find that your blush fades within a few hours, use a layering technique to help build flawless color with both a cream and a matching powder blush. Layering a powder on top of a cream blush can help powder blush to adhere onto your skin for long hours.

First apply a cream blush, or choose to use a sheer lipstick and apply it with a light dabbing motion on your cheekbones. Sheer lipsticks and blushes are formulated in the same way- both have the same creamy consistency which will help blend into the skin for glowing cheeks.

Makeup for the Night Events

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Most women prefer to go all out on their makeup for a special outing, such as a wedding, dinner or late night event. These events call for a bright pop of color. Skip out on neutral tones since late night events call for flash photography which can wash out lighter makeup tones.

If you love wearing bright shades of pinks or reds for a special occasion, wear a shade of peach or pink on your cheeks. Try to avoid harsh hues on your cheeks since your lips are the center of attention. 

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