How to recover from additional fat after pregnancy


One of the most beautiful things about being a woman is that you can give birth to a new life. Although fascinating, it has its own horrors. For instance, you will have to take a break from work, eat a lot, and go through many body changes that will bring emotional changes as well. Once you have given birth to your baby, you will gradually go back to normal life. You will be eating just the way everyone else is eating, and you won’t have those ‘kicks’ in the belly anymore. However, you won’t be able get rid of additional body fat easily – which you’ve gathered up during the pregnancy period. Anyway, you can learn how to reduce belly fat.

Before you go ahead and try any tips to lose body fat, remember that you’re still recovering. It will take roughly two months before your body has healed and when you can start pulling your muscle. Don’t push yourself to physical limits since it may result in internal as well as external injuries.

How to reduce belly fat

Here are some quick tips to help you get on the right track for recovering your pre-pregnancy figure.

Eat healthy food

Post-delivery period is tough on most women. Your body will be healing. It will need loads of vitamin, minerals, and calorie supplies to heal normally. If you eat healthy food at this stage, you will regain your health, which is the first step to recover your lost body shape. Whenever you search ‘how to reduce belly fat’, you will always find out something about eating healthy food.

Remember, nursing mothers need more calories (500+ additional calories) to stay healthy while feeding the baby. Since most Pakistani women are nursing mothers, you may have to be more careful about what you eat and how much calories your food has.

Use a stomach compression band

A stomach compression band may not be that popular here in Pakistan, but it is a cultural thing in many African and Southern American countries. Once, it was popular here with Pakistani women. If you ask your grandparents about it, they will probably know about it.

pregnancy fat How to recover from additional fat after pregnancy

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything. Just use a soft cloth as a stomach compression band. Wrap it around your stomach area, making sure that you don’t have it too tight. It will not only hold your body’s core to its right position but will also help your stomach get back to its original position, restoring your body back to pre-pregnancy days.

Drink plenty of water

This may sound routine, but it has the best results. If you drink 8-10 glasses of water each day, your body will stay hydrated. This means that it won’t store additional water, which will result in weight loss.

Go for Tummy Tuck procedure

Plastic surgery is a common thing in Pakistan now. Despite the taboo associated with it, it remains to be one of the most-used medical procedures in the world. If you can’t get rid of your additional fat in the tummy area, tummy tuck procedure may turn out to be your best choice.

Make sure that you discuss risks associated with surgery with your doctor before you go ahead with it. Ideally, you should have the surgery only after you’ve healed internally. Have a consultation session with your gynecologist as well as a plastic surgeon before going into the surgery.

Pick an exercise regime

Once you’ve healed, you can start exercising. Most cities have excellent gyms, dedicated for women. You can visit one of these or choose to have your own exercise plan after discussing it with your doctor. Always start with a mild exercise program.

Still unsure how to reduce belly fat after pregnancy?

It may not be the easiest thing to lose fat after pregnancy but women all over the world want to be have some sort of ‘baby makeup’. Some prefer surgery while others rely on traditional methods. Whatever you chose, make sure that it’s not distracting you from your duties as a mother. Remember, your baby needs your attention more than any other thing in the world. 

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