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How to Use Cream Blushes

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Looking to add some radiance to your complexion? Blush is your safest bet! There are plenty of different finishes of blushes from shimmery to matte. With the dry winter weather, powder blushes can accentuate any dry patches on your skin. Another way to liven up your makeup is with the use of cream blushes, these give a natural flush of color to the cheeks without much effort on application.

The creamy texture blends into the skin easily while adding a bit of a dewy, luminous glow. For winter makeup, cream blushes are a great way to hydrate the skin to prevent highlighting any dry patches and these couldn’t be easier to apply!


Why Cream Blush?

Foundation copy How to Use Cream BlushesIf your new to makeup, blush can be very intimidating. Excess application can end up looking very unnatural. With powder blushes, using a good quality brush gives the best results. The brush has to be dense enough to pick up the powder and apply it evenly onto your skin. While we can’t all afford a nice blush brush, using a cream blush only requires the use of your fingers for application. If you have oily skin, you can easily set the cream blush with any powder to prevent it from slipping off your skin.

When To Apply

Foundation How to Use Cream BlushesFor that natural flushed cheek, a cream blush can be used for a subtle effect. Always apply cream blush before you powder and after you apply foundation. If you want to skip out on using a foundation, a cream blush will easily blend into your skin by using your fingers. After your application, set it with your face powder to prevent it from fading. A translucent powder is best used on top of cream blushes since the color will not lighten after application.

How to Apply

Blush apply1 300x300 How to Use Cream BlushesCream blushes easily blend into the skin without any effort. Since the creamy texture easily moves and melts into the skin, you have the most control in the application process. These are best applied with 2 clean fingers, simply dab your fingers lightly into the blush and pat it onto your cheeks. Start by applying it on the apples of the cheeks and blend it back. Finish off by blending it further with your foundation sponge. Always apply less product then build up the color. If you end up applying too much, you can lighten it with a damp sponge

Cream Blush to Try

22 creamy tanned blush 276x300 How to Use Cream BlushesRelatively new to at makeup stands is the Artdeco Cream Rouge for Cheeks & Lips (RS 1,450). The cream blush can be used easily on the lips for a subtle wash of color. The buttery smooth texture applies evenly onto the skin and dries to a powdery finish. The packaging is sleek and sturdy, it comes with a built in mirror for easy traveling application. 

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