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How to Wake up Beautiful?


Well we all wish to look the best even when we sleep. Yes what if an Edward(from Twilight) just comes into your room at the middle of the night and sees you in the worst of your forms? Well just kidding, we know no Edward or Jacob is coming into your room. But for the love of your own self, you probably should always take care of your hair, skin and nails. And do not forget the bad breath girl!
8 ways to look beautiful even when you just wake up How to Wake up Beautiful?

Well with the following few tips you can wake up to a more beautiful you. If not that you can at least make your morning routine a little more hassle free.


 How to Wake up Beautiful?There are two things you can do. Take a shower at night and either braid your hair or tie a knot for that sexy summer waves when you wake up the next morning. Secondly you can just apply a good hair pack and sleep on it. No time for hair pack? Just apply good old hair oil. Yes that would make your hair more manageable after you take a shower the next morning. This will end you in more moisturized hair will the least amount of frizz. Also it will reduce the amount of hair styling products and the heating tools you have to use to fake a  good hair day.


facial moisturizer How to Wake up Beautiful?Apply a good moisturizing night cream daily. Make it a beauty staple. Even if your do not already have wrinkles, why wait for one. Prevention is better not only in physiological health but also for the health of your skin. Market is full of serums and potent moisturizers that re formulated for every skin type. So choose what is best for you and wake up to the best dewy and glowing skin. And let’s not forget the most common skin problem in Pakistan. The Acne. Applying acne medications such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Retin A, Salicylic acid, etc. overnight will not only reduce the size of already present pimple but will also prevent any more from forming.

Hands and feet:

ski3 How to Wake up Beautiful?

I remember my teenage years when I used to apply my nail color just before bed. The end result? Well all dirty nails and hands. As if that was not enough it would also transfer to the bed sheets. And the end was my mother scolding me. So now I have a better solution to the problem. No I have not change my habit of applying nail color at night. But I have started using the quick dry top coat. This is the most amazing thing that has ever been invented for me. Well apart from cell phones. Alternatively, a cheaper method for making the nail color to dry fast is by dipping the nails in ice cold water for a few minutes. 298x232 home manicure How to Wake up Beautiful?Although your fingers might turn numb but the it feels good in the scorching heat of Karachi.

Moreover, never forget to moisturize your hands and feet each and every night before bed. Night time is the natural rejuvenating time for our skin. Dead cells are thrown away and newer cells are turned over. So pampering your skin during this time will not only make you wake up looking great but will also protect your precious hair and skin forever. 

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