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I Like Keeping My Music Intimate: Zoe Viccaji

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Blush conducted an interview with rising music star, Zoe Viccaji. Take a look.

Blush: We understand that you went to an art school. When did you realize that music is your true calling?
Zoe: You’re correct, I was doing music right through college but never thought I’d take it on as a full time career option. It was only in 2010 after working in advertising for two years, that I realized that I was getting less and less time to do my music, and that it meant much more than just a hobby.

Blush: What is your preferred style when it comes to music? Do you have any influences?
Zoe: I have always been a jazz die hard fan. My earliest influence was Ella FitzGerald, and her rendition of many of the Cole Porter numbers of the 1920′s. Later, Sarah Mclachlan was a huge inspiration for me, and when I heard her, I think that was when I first started writing my own songs.

Blush: What are your fondest musical memories?
Zoe: I would have to say working on the musicals Chicago and Mama Mia. I really miss working with a huge group of people and that whole back stage energy and team work involved. I made many close friends during that time, and had so much fun!

Blush: How are you handling all the fame right now? Is it overwhelming?
Zoe: I wouldn’t say it’s overwhelming because it hasn’t reached such a large number. I look at some of my friends who are in TV serials and the kind of attention they get in public, and I’m very glad I’m not at that tier of fame. I like staying in the middle somewhere and keeping my music as intimate as possible.

Blush: What rules do you live by?
Zoe: I think we all have many mottos and rules that we live by, but the ones that are helping me these days are: be true to your self and learn to let go!

Blush: If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
Zoe: I think what ever I am today is the product of such an intricate web of events and people, that I wouldn’t want to fiddle with anything. I am happy with where I am, and believe that everything happens for the best.

Blush: Do you find yourself facing any challenges/discrimination as a female artist in the industry?
Zoe: I haven’t faced any yet, or perhaps I’m not aware of it. Funnily enough, the only time I faced any discrimination was when I went for a show in Dubai.

Blush: When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?
Zoe: I try to take some time out for myself as often as I can, because the going usually gets tough when I’m starved for time. But I have to say it’s my family who has kept me going through all those times, especially my mother and father. I often sit at the foot of their bed and confide in them about all the good and the bad, and they help me keep my head straight.

Blush: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
Zoe: There are so many! But one that I read today and has added to what I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks is by Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Blush: How do you think you have evolved with every song or album?
Zoe: I don’t know if I really have the answer to that one because I’m still learning. Every time I evolve, I also feel I need to relearn what I started with. There is a certain non-self-conscious feel that gets lost in translation when recording a track, and with every song I’m trying to learn more and more about how to achieve the kind of purity a song has when it’s not being observed. 

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