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Importance of Deep Cleaning Your Beauty Tools

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Brushes Cup 199x300 Importance of Deep Cleaning Your Beauty Tools

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Or even looked closely at your makeup products? Have you noticed your powder makeup developing a hard thick layer? Chances are you haven’t been washing your powder puffs and makeup brushes. The hard layer developed on top of powder is bacteria and oil from your skin which has caused your makeup to harden. A powder puff absorbs any oil on your skin which will transmit the same oils on your face to the compact. So every time you go for a touch up with your pressed powder- you are applying the same oil and bacteria back onto your skin.

Brushe 300x199 Importance of Deep Cleaning Your Beauty Tools

Washing your makeup tools such as powder puffs, sponges and brushes requires deep cleaning once a week or more depending on how often you wear makeup. We tend to never think about ‘cleaning’ our makeup tools, quite often I’ve seen my friends and cousins use the same makeup product for months at a time without considering washing their makeup sponge or power puff. I can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your tools, its just as important as throwing away your toothbrush every month.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Beauty Tools:

  • Powder Makeup Items Will Last Longer
  • Smoother Makeup Application
  • No Bacteria Buildup Causing Skin Irritation and Acne
  • Makeup Will Not Look Muddy on Your Skin

How to Deep Clean your Beauty Tools-

What You Will Need:

  • Soap Bar
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Olive Oil
  • Cup of Water

Brushes 300x199 Importance of Deep Cleaning Your Beauty ToolsThe best thing to do is to wash your makeup tools at night so that you are all set to use them the next day. My favorite and the easiest way to clean brushes is using a bar of soap. I prefer to use soap which is antibacterial such as Safegaurd while also giving my brushes and tools a clean and fresh scent.

You want to take your cup of water and dip your brushes into them- remember to only wash the actual hair bristles and not the entire brush. If you do get water around the metal part of your brush which joins the handle it will cause the glue to loosen and cause rust. Once you’ve wet the bristles swipe it back and forth onto the soap until your brush is clean and free from any makeup. Repeat this step until the water from the brush runs clean. You want to make sure to rub the brush against your palm so no shampoo is remaining from the brush. For larger and dense brushes use a bit of baby shampoo and lather up your brush until it runs clean.

For makeup sponges, applicators and powder puffs- soak them in water for about 30 seconds and drop a bit of baby shampoo and lather it until it runs clean. You want to wash it thoroughly until it looks squeaky clean. You can use baby shampoo or any other clean shampoo which you prefer. Baby shampoo is the easiest to work with and doesn’t leave any excess shampoo behind after washing.

If you find any of the above steps not working for your applicators and brushes, using olive oil works like a charm for tough makeup. Waterproof gel eyeliner brushes and long-wearing foundation are tricky to remove from brushes and applicators since they are water repellent products. Using olive oil will break down the product and easily remove any remaining residue. Simply take a small amount of olive oil on your palm and swipe your brush back and forth until all of the dirt and makeup is removed. Follow this with a bit of shampoo to remove any remaining oil.

Once you’ve washed your brushes and applicators, squeeze out any remaining water and lay it flat on a clean towel directly under your ceiling fan so they dry quickly.

Now that all of your makeup tools and applicators are clean, keep this up every week. If you use makeup occasionally, say before a special event, clean your brushes the night before and watch your makeup apply more evenly and smoothly. 

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