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Inlay designs and options – Home décor at its best

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Entering the new century has changed quite a few things for us, there was a time when the lady of the house used to decide how to go about the inlay and décor of her house but with changing trends and increasing competition it has become very difficult for a simple house wife to keep herself updated about the new trends of home décor. There has always been a cult among us that prefers to get their homes decorated by the leading interior designers, with the best and the most up-to-date house artifacts. It’s not only about the furniture; it’s actually about the overall look that gives a very pleasant and soothing aura of your house.

One comes across a number of options while considering the inlay and look of your house, nowadays it’s easier to decide as you can take help from TV shows, lifestyle magazines and internet. Talking about the inlay specifically, there are different kinds of inlay options available. Cabinet, doors, carpeting, walls, furniture, plants etc. decide the overall look of your house. The first thing to keep in mind is the floor planning, weather to carpet it wall to wall or use runners and rugs on a nicely tiled floor. Well if you have fine marble or wooden floors, it’s advisable to cover it with mats and runners that complement the beauty of the flooring. Coming towards the ceiling, nowadays many tray and vaulted ceiling are now in trend.

Gigantic and flashy furniture is totally out of fashion. There was a time when such ostentatious furniture was the ‘’in’’ thing but now it looks totally outdated. Light colored, slim and elegant furniture gives your house a very aesthetic look. The color of the walls you choose also help in revitalizing the overall energy and mood of people looking at them. While decorating, a factor that should be given a lot of consideration is the lighting of the home. It should be done strategically so that the house remains illuminated.

Most importantly, the inlay of your house should be in accordance with your lifestyle, it should be convenient yet trendy!


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