Is Your Back Hurting You?


LOW BACK PAIN Is Your Back Hurting You?Nearly 80% of Pakistani women complain of backache in some part of their lives. Most of them may experience it because of variety of reasons. Be it a house wife or a working woman, both have to work hard. House wives are always on the run. They are busy cleaning, cooking, washing, wiping, dusting and what not. On the other hand a working lady sends 9 hours of her day at the work place and has to do the same amount of work at home. In Pakistan, we are blessed with the easy access to maids, servants and drivers. But a majority of population can still not afford to have them.

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Menstrual Pain And Pregnancy:

abdominal pain during pregnancy first trimester Is Your Back Hurting You?

Another major reason for back pain can be the menstrual pain or the pain related to pregnancy and delivery. This can often be taken care of with patience and light medications and is not a serious problem. It may ward off with by the end of periods or when the phase of pregnancy is over, respectively.


Lack Exercise:

 Is Your Back Hurting You?Our body is a machine. It needs fuelling as well as constant maintenance to overcome the wear and tear it is subjected to over time. Hence incorporation of light physical activity such as a morning walk, light weight lifting, stretching, yoga or even rope skipping can keep your bones and joints in shape. Inactivity may only lead to weight gain. And that is where all the problems start. Most of the patients who come with the complain of joint pain are often over weight. And the first advice they are given is that they should try and reduce their weight. So girls, why gain it in the first place? Eat in moderation and plan wisely.


ChairPostures Is Your Back Hurting You?

Leaning tower can be a wonder of the world but if you walk like it, people will receive no appreciation. Poor posture puts unnecessary strain on the back. And ultimately causes back pain.


Yes we all need at least 8 hours of sleep. But what is the use if you strain your body even during the resting period. Sleeping posture should be proper.

Ice Can Be Comforting:

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Prolonged back pain can be treated with ice packs or by simply freezing water in a bottle and rolling it at the back. This helps reduce inflammation and water retention.

Give Some Heat:

If cold packs are not working, try to use some heat. Keeping the skin protected, the heat packs can be very comforting as they relieve the strained muscles and ligaments.

Go For a Massage:

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We are now blessed with a number of salons offering massages in Pakistan. Getting a good neck and back massage would help you in unnerving the pain you have been suffering from. 

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