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Dealing with a gender biased boss in Pakistan!

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woman  office 300x293 Dealing with a gender biased boss in Pakistan!Working women in Pakistan are quite often mistreated by their boss more than men. Whether you work in a small start up business or a multi-national corporation, gender bias can target any woman working in the office. There’s no doubt that women in general are harassed in public by men with inappropriate whistling or even groping. Being a professional working woman, facing these challenges in the office can lead to emotional turmoil. Dealing with your boss head on might not be an option since a backlash can happen.

What is Gender Bias?

Being gender bias from a female’s perspective can be taken in a negative manner. Gender bias refers to being treated differently than the opposite gender- this can lead to being harassed or being favored by your boss. Some will experience being favored more than others while some may experience being treated exceptionally rudely.

Gender Bias can occur both ways. In a hostile or negative working environment, your boss can make it difficult to cope during assigned tasks. Coping with a boss who makes lewd remarks and victimizes an employee can cause emotional turmoil in the office.

Negative Bias

Women might not be taken seriously when joining the work-field, some might not even get hired due to simply being a girl! Managers and CEOs might find hiring a male will be easier since they can work late hours and for a low salary. Not to mention the very inappropriate generalization in an interview when the question “Are you married or soon to be engaged?” is asked.

Employers won’t hire based on the response since they want to hire someone long-term, and who’s to say that we won’t continue working for such a company that questions us in the first place. Being hired as a woman should be based on experience and our skills just like any man. Women are underestimated when we work harder and smarter than any male.

The Brighter Side

Women in the Workplace 300x199 Dealing with a gender biased boss in Pakistan!Some girls who enter the workplace right after graduation can find themselves working in a place where women are favored by the boss more often. Generally it doesn’t matter if your boss is a male or female. Now I’m not saying all CEOs and managers favor women, but some will give leniency towards office timings, workload, promotions and allowances. Quite often girls also receive a certain amount to pay for their pick and drop services- which leads to leaving work on time and not having to stay back with everyone. Rarely men receive fuel allowances for an entry level job.

What Not to Do

Being treated rudely or inappropriately at work should involve speaking to your superior or a Human resource manager at your office. Expressing your feelings to your HR manager is the best way to deal with the situation. Mention how working in the office has made it difficult to concentrate on your assignments and tasks. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with your HR manager, speak with a female superior. Understanding how she would handle the situation will help lead you to resolving the issue.

women.workplace 300x168 Dealing with a gender biased boss in Pakistan!Never speak about your problems in the office openly- this will only lead to gossiping in the workplace and you don’t want that! If it’s constant inappropriate staring or slight remarks, talking about your issues with anyone in the office can lead to more problems. Handle the situation maturely and professionally. Depending on how your boss will handle your situation, be prepared for negative repercussions since professionalism in some companies isn’t as “professional” as one might expect. It can go both ways.

Accomplished women are all over Pakistan, keep your head up and work harder then the rest! 


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