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It’s Never Too Late To Be A Fit Mom

It is not uncommon to see teenage daughters trying to convince their mothers to keep themselves up to date and follow the latest trends. As a response, the Pakistani mom usually sigh and ask, “Kis kay liye karun?” (Who should I do it for?).

Dear mommies, do you know that the concept of fit moms exists and you can very well follow it too? To hear that you have no one to maintain your appearance for often makes us wonder why you choose to ignore yourself?86480117 640x4261 e1363794189963 Its Never Too Late To Be A Fit Mom

With the stresses that come with motherhood, most women end up sacrificing their own needs in order to fulfill the demands of their family members. This is the story of almost every other woman with kids, who often cites her inability to find time with the numerous duties she has to perform as a wife and mother as the biggest reason she lags behind in taking care of her own self.

This mindset needs to change, however, since before contributing towards everyone else’s welfare, a woman needs to ensure her own wellbeing. In fact, mothers who pay attention to their fitness, appearance and figures are not an urban legend as some might believe them to be.

Take Anousha Khan* for example. A mother of four kids thirties and in her late, Anousha works for a boutique in a busy commercial area. As a first impression, you might mistake her for being younger than her seventeen year-old daughter. With her size zero figure and suitable eye makeup, she has a youthful charm about her.

“In today’s day and age, my husband wants our daughters to have a role model in their own home,” says Anousha when asked what inspires her to keep herself well-maintained. “I catch my husband admiring me every time I try a new style and that’s what woman juggling roles1 e1363794942826 Its Never Too Late To Be A Fit Momkeeps me going.”

Raffia Shad* teaches Urdu at a well known private school. The 44 year-old inspires her students with her refreshing approach towards life. Although she may not have the perfect slim and trim figure, Raffia certainly knows how to turn heads with her remarkable sense of style, wit and pleasant personality. With her sixties-inspired hairdo being her trademark,  every outfit she dons is always complemented with complementing shoes and jewelry.

“It is natural for people to associate an Urdu teacher with a boring personality. I did not want that to happen,” Raffia says. According to her, she felt the need to keep herself well-groomed because of her daughter who studies in the same school where Raffia teaches. “The day she was born, I decided never to let her be embarrassed by her teacher-mom.”

Maintaining a presentable outlook is not limited to working ladies only. Samar*, a stay-at-home mother of two kids, is in her early thirties. Even with the hectic routine of managing household chores and taking care of her family, she makes sure that she devotes at least 20 minutes each day to the treadmill. Her bubbly persona not only provides a parenting 7189971 e1363797680112 Its Never Too Late To Be A Fit Momgood balance for her husband’s usually quiet demeanor but also makes her a ‘cool’ mom in the eye of her children.

Her interest in arts and crafts serves as the perfect icing on the cake as it helps her come up with engaging activities involving herself and the kids. Whether it is making a smiley face on their toast or drawing glittery animals on their toy boxes, Samar feels fulfilled whenever she sees the delightful reaction from her kids for all the hard work she does.

At the end of the day, it is all about the effort one makes. The biggest inspiration for any woman to be conscious about her outlook and personality comes from her husband and kids. Just remember, it is never too late to start paying a little attention to your own upkeep and you will see how even minor changes will fill you with a youthful exuberance!

*Names have been changed. 

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