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Our favourite jeans serve as our knight in shining armour all year long. They are the answer to our sartorial needs on days when we are struggling to figure out what to wear. Sure, we don’t want to be enslaved by fashion or lose ourselves to trends and be loyal to our all-time favourites – the ones we found after an unavoidable search, which lasted for days and left even the most expert shoppers feeling defeated – but style and colour updates are necessary from time to time and if you wish to be on-trend then you need to keep up with the latest jeans trends.

Wide Leg Pants Street Style Jeans in Vogue

You don’t have to go over every magazine, fashion blog or catalogue you get your hands on to know jeans in vogue. We spoke to the top tier denim manufacturers and industry insiders to know what’s hip and happening and subsequently rounded up the colours and styles you need in your arsenal this seasaon.

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Nothing reflects fashion’s laid-back new narrative like the latest shades of denim. Ladylike designs in azure blue (bright blue) are on-trend. Jeans dyed in bright colours are making a strong comeback this season and of course, black jeans remain a timeless and classic style staple. “One colour that is seriously down-played and not given it’s due importance is tan. It is incredibly chic and versatile. Pair up your tan jeans with a deep red top and you will be sure to hit a super high fashion note,” says Saman Javed, fashion editor at

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Having established the colours of the season, let’s shed some light on the styles that you shouldn’t think twice before adding to your fashion trousseau. Skinny jeans have been the jeans in vogue for years now and they are sure here to stay, however, another fashion essential that has been carried forward from the preceding year are the uber-trendy crop pants – they are sure to instantly lift your outfit’s ante. While the skinny leg has been ruling the roost and is an absolute fashion must-have, the breezy and comfortable wide-leg pants are a stylish go-to option for people of all ages and body types. Experiment with different colours and prints, mix and match and choose something that will not go unnoticed.



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