Johnny Rockets: Food Review


After rocking all around the world, Johnny Rockets recently opened its first franchise of South Asia in Karachi, Pakistan. However, it seems Johnny Rockets has not started off the way they would have anticipated it to. Hardly three weeks have gone by, and the place hasn’t earned the crushing response that Hardees was able to create. Even 3-4 weeks after the opening of Hardees, it had people queuing outside its gates. No such luck for JR.

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Johnny Rockets, whose concept is to create a classic American restaurant atmosphere is located at the Ground Floor of Dolmen Mall, Clifton – in a distant corner of the mall which people rarely visit – only those who are coming from the corner entrance adjacent to it will be able to find it easily.

Here is a quick review of the service and food served at JR!

Service: Below par. But not bad!

Burgers: Johnny Rockets Burgers are good enough to treat your tastebuds but they don’t worth the price. The orginal burger is for Rs. 700 (exclusive of tax) and all others are above Rs. 700 without any exeptional taste.

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Shakes: Black Forest and Butterfinger are the best of all shakes at JR. A little over-priced though. Each for Rs. 500 – nothing out of the world – but definitely worth trying.

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Fries: The sideline merely has 12 pcs of fries. While, a plate of separate cheese fries tastes just fine which is around Rs. 450.

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Overall: It is good overall. A little pricey but good ambiance, fine food especially the shakes and satisfactory service.

Rating: 6/10

With recent arrival of Burger King, Fat Burger and Hardee’s, the competition for Johnny Rockets might just get serious in Pakistan. Lets see how they are going to deal with it!


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