Josh Becomes The First Pakistani Movie To Screen At LIFF


Josh, a highly anticipated Pakistani film, was screened recently at London Indian Films Festival 2013 (LIFF). Josh, which is the first Pakistani film to be screened at LIFF, first received attention when it waspremiered at 2012 Mumbai International Film Festival and 2012 Los Angeles Women in Film Finishing Fund. The film revolves around the youth and invokes debate over the reigning feudalism.

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Josh is directed by Iram Parveen Bilal who also produced the film and wrote the script with contribution from Farah Usman, The film thrilled its audiences at LIFF with wonderful performances by seasoned actors such as Khalid Ahmed, Mohib Mirza, Khalid Malik, and Aamina Sheikh.

Trailer – Josh (Against the Grain)

Josh is the story of a woman that struggles against class divide and feudalism that’s still a part of Pakistani society. The film also reflects upon the dire state of education and health in poverty-ridden areas in interior Sindh.

Aamina Sheikh, who plays Parveen Sayed in the movie, goes against the will of society that includes her own family to investigate the disappearance of her Ayah (maid). The person responsible for the disappearance turns out to be an antagonist leader of the district who tries to turn it into a living hell for Parveen Sayed, her family, and the entire village that raises a voice against the feudal lord. The rest of the movie follows the village through its struggle to empower itself, lead by Parveen Sayed from the front.

Parveen Bilal talking about Josh, her debut feature film

Despite having made films for six years, shorts films that have travelled around the world and have won awards, I now feel like a complete filmmaker because this one is a full length feature where you can buy popcorn and drinks and watch it on the magnificent big screens of the cinemas and share it with hundreds of others at the same time as this is the power and the strength of the cinema which reminds one of the humanity and love. How in one room, hundreds of people are crying and laughing together at the same time, this makes one realise that we all are the same. Come watch the film with passion and unity, this is an honest film made out of dedicated blood, sweat and tears and it is made for you Pakistan and it is made by Pakistan”,said Parveen Bilal who has also written other scripts but this is her first one to be used for a feature film.

josh cast Josh Becomes The First Pakistani Movie To Screen At LIFF

Leading cast of Josh with Parveen Bilal

Josh is a hope. A light in the dark – one that reminds of the potential in Pakistani entertainment industry and how our capable filmmakers can even rave reviews from film critics all over the world. With Josh releasing on this Eid Ul Fitr in Pakistan, it is time to buy a big bag of popcorn and take everyone along. 

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