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Journalism As A Career For Women


Every single day there are events occurring all over the world and we get to know about them sitting in our houses. Thiss just becomes possible through mass communication. The journalists collect the information and present it to us.

Journalism, no doubt is a quite challenging job. It’s not just a career, it’s a passion instead. If you don’t have the passion for it then it gets hard for you to survive in such an environment where your work always comes first. If you are a broadcast journalist, let it be Eid or any other festival or public holiday, you have to be at work – presenting news and information regarding that particular event.

Plus, when it comes to women, things get tougher. However, it totally depends upon the ability of a woman, how she manages work and home. A journalist should be able to cover any story and do it with creativity and curiosity. Making contacts is an important part.  Contacts are very important to your work as a journalist – they will be a swift and reliable port of call when you need a quote or verification. They get you the stories, and flesh them out.

Skills Required

To be a good journalist, you have to be alert, adaptive, confident, enthusiastic and need to have the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, manage difficult situations, adhere to deadlines, tolerant to different views. A journalist has the ability to express his/her thoughts on diverse topics and has in-depth knowledge not just about current affairs but also about various fields. This profession is for people who are ready to explore various opportunities 24/7, without the restriction of cultural background and are also ready to go beyond geographical boundaries.

Job Prospects

The media industry can be divided into two main categories – print and electronic. A journalist has to cover stories on diverse aspects of life, like, politics, leisure, crime, education, entertainment, business, health, sports etc. Other than TV channels, newspapers and magazines, journalism work opportunities can also be found in advertising, websites for publications and radio etc.

Career Tips

Here are some career tips from the successful female journalists for the aspiring young female journalists.

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Rabia Ali, a political, minorities and human rights reporter at Express Tribune, says:
“The career tip for women in journalism is to be strong, loud, confident and bold. Male colleagues will try to suppress you; men out on the field won’t try to take you seriously. But as a woman journalist you have to be head strong and keep doing your work. Never show others if you are feeling weak or scared of doing something.”


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Uneeba Waqar, a reporter at Geo News, says: “A woman can explain an emotion better than a man can do. Journalism is a tough job; firstly, you have to forget that you are a weaker gender, as this notion will not let you move forward easily. You should remain focused and well acquainted with past event of news and should follow your own rules and values.”



387034 10151434064495396 1725356336 n Journalism As A Career For WomenNida Sameer, a broadcast journalist and an anchor at Samaa Tv, says: “If you don’t enjoy writing, reading, meeting new people, being under pressure, then it means this field is not for you. You need to have a passion for it. Only then you will be able to nail it. If you continue with hard work and passion, a career in journalism can be a rewarding choice.”


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