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Kabhi Kabhi – An Effort to Improve Relationship Consciousness


1235356 296878493783799 1245616741 n Kabhi Kabhi   An Effort to Improve Relationship Consciousness Pakistani television has reluctantly adopted a novel route, where it has recently been focusing on real life issues. Though, the serials which a common man could easily relate to are still scarce, the improvement in drama industry in Pakistan deserves applaud and appreciation. One drama serial that somehow portrays the grim picture of marriage in our society is Kabhi Kabhi, which is aired every Friday through ARY Digital TV.

Kabhi Kabhi, a Sameera Fazal write-up, has many ingredients that are connected to crucial issues people face in their lives and relationships. First it has a female character, Eeshal (Mehwish Hayat) in the lead, who finds the love of her life while escaping from the superficiality and extravagance she has been raised with. On the other hand, her beau-turned-husband-turned-ex-husband is an impulsive man, often showing the quality of indecisiveness. The role of Eeshal’s husband is being played by Ahsan Khan as Aaraiz, a man belonging to lower class. Both of them enter into marriage after falling in love and soon unfold the bond as a result of the intrigues and evil schemes designed by their families.

1004521 296878630450452 387819520 n Kabhi Kabhi   An Effort to Improve Relationship Consciousness The inability of Eeshal and Aaraiz to develop mutual trust and respect is a weakness that their families cash in for their gain. Eeshal’s father in this regard has played an excessively vile role because he wanted his daughter to get married to a filthy rich man of his own choice. As of the recent episodes, Eeshal has married her cousin whom she considers her best friend. The decision was prompted by the security of Eeshal’s and Aaraiz’s child who has been denied the protection of his father due to their divorce. Eeshal is now facing a serious challenge in the form of her new husband who is highly insecure and lacks self-confidence. The drama serial has been recently emphasizing on the virtue patience is and the detrimental effects of hasty decisions as big as divorce.

A very constructive element in Kabhi Kabhi is the portrayal of the fact that people are extremely prone to the misuse of their right to divorce a spouse. It also touches upon the pressing issue of class conflicts that are a defining feature in our social relationships. People value social class, material wealth and personal aggrandizement so much that they leave morality and the sense to distinguish right from wrong far behind. The drama serial also focuses on sensibility and patience as two major prerequisites for marriage. The unfolding of marriage bond has serious repercussions for all the people involved and thus, entering into marriage and walking out of it are both issues of serious concern. One major tendency among people in our society is to make marriage bear the brunt of personal ego issues. It is always healthier to promote discussion and foster understanding in a relationship. These things cannot come without trust. In this regard, what Kabhi Kabhi delivers to its target audience is the effectiveness and indispensability of trust in a relationship. Love is and remains incomplete without the ingredient of trust no matter how many stages of ‘perceived’ success it clears. Marrying in love is easy but keeping the soothing flame of love lit is a rough and difficult task, which leaves many enthusiastic lovebirds isolated and separated forever. 

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