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Karate – An Indispensable Asset to Harness Monsters


“It is better to avoid than to block,

It is better to block than to strike,

It is better to strike than to hurt,

It is better to hurt than to maim,

It is better to maim than to kill,

It is better to kill than to be killed,

All life is precious and none can be replaced”

Karate punch Karate   An Indispensable Asset to Harness Monsters

I came through these motivating lines while browsing for centers where one can acquire the training of martial arts in Karachi. Impressed by the unlimited abilities (self-defense being one) of the character Emily Thorne of an American serial ‘Revenge, I wish to get myself trained for Karate since long. The tremendously healthy physical self-defense exercise not only allows one to keep himself protected but also employs and engage every body part vigorously, multiplying the health benefits intertwined with this activity.

Karate women kicking Karate   An Indispensable Asset to Harness MonstersToday, not a single newspaper today comes without scores of crime news relating to men and women both. Nobody is safe, whether you choose to remain indoors or gather the courage to step out of the house in order to perform the regular chores of life. Muggings, robberies, rapes, carjacking, abduction, murders and arson attacks have become norm of the day in almost every area of our country. While law enforcement agencies have badly failed at their utmost duty to provide protection to citizens, loathing their inefficiency only would do us no good. Recently, a brave attempt by the residents of Hazara Town, Quetta was witnessed when they aptly identified a suicide bomber and killed him before he could cause massive devastation. This was an outcome of mental alertness, concentration, intuition and bravery with which many people are naturally gifted. People may get themselves trained for physical and mental activity and watchfulness, which can be best achieved through an exercise indigenous to Japan, having global fame and recognition because of the benefits that it offers. Karate is the name. While many people mistake Karate for damaging delicate organs in women, experts recommend the training of this art as highly beneficial for women’s physical fitness. Karate helps women to acquire a youthful figure after childbirth as it contours and maintains the lower abdominal area along with inner thighs and hips, areas which are generally left in a bad shape in post-delivery period.

The physical benefits of Karate are innumerable. It allows the obese to retain a healthy physical structure and at the same time those who are underweight experience a gain of solid tissues that normalizes their weight. Health benefits of Karate include an increased ability of self-defense, cardiovascular health, enhanced metabolism and stamina, loss of lethargy, fueled physical power and improved body balance. Mental benefits that come along once you are familiarized with this wonderful thing called Karate include reduced stress, high self-esteem and confidence, increased concentration and vigilant attitude, loss of fear and anxiety, reduced vulnerability to crimes and satisfaction that you can protect yourself and others around you from untoward incidents.

Putting Karate into modern day context increases its importance two-folds. Societies like ours are highly unsafe for women. Instead of telling the women of our families to avoid stepping out of the house in night, we must encourage them to stand up for their defense. Women must not be taught to perceive themselves as fragile creations of nature who should surrender immediately without utilizing their mental and physical faculties in times of danger. A life full of threats and insecurities is an unhealthy one and the best a person can do to keep nuisance at bay from himself is self defense. Learning martial arts could prove to be excellent in boosting up self-confidence among women for when they would know to defend themselves, they’ll hardly feel threatened. Troublemakers are everywhere and before they go crazy on a snag spree, they need to be harnessed and taught to live and let live. 

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