Lollywood: There is Still Hope

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The condition of our film industry from the past few decades has became like that of an ancient building which were used to be famous by its beauty a long time back. There were days in past  when our neighboring countries wanted to be a part of our Lollywood world. But as the pioneer film makers started to depart, the building met the worst fate of its history. Those who came as care takers only spoiled it even more, and all that left was the ruins of a collapsed  kingdom.

khuda key lye Lollywood: There is Still Hope

Only a couple of years earlier there was some improvement that was noticed. That upgrading was executed by the brilliant minds of our electronic media, Mehreen Jabbar and Shoaib Mansoor. Both the film makers are prominent figures of the television industry as they have produced and directed many well-known drama serials that were considered as best by a large number of audience. After achieving success as drama makers, both these geniuses chivalrously stride out to fix the big screen.

bol Lollywood: There is Still Hope

In 2007, Shoaib Mansoor came up with a movie named Khuda Key Liye, which was nothing less than a blessing to our film industry. This film got so much appreciation worldwide, that it even beat Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om when both the movies were screened together in United States. It portrayed a story of two Pakistani brothers, and the situation they face as Muslims not just in Pakistan but in outer world as well. Three years later in 2011, Shoaib Mansoor brought another mastermind, this time with the name Bol. Like Khuda Key Liye, Bol also secured a strong position throughout the globe.

ramchand Lollywood: There is Still Hope

Stepping into the world of Lollywood, Mehreen Jabbar, daughter of Javed Jabbar introduced her debut movie Ramchand Pakistani in the year of 2008. The story was about a father and his son who accidentally crossed the border line that lies between India and Pakistan, and as a result, had to spend several years in an Indian jail. The film not only got hits in Pakistan, but it also praised a lot in other countries. The reason was Mehreen’s amazing directions and his father’s great storyline. Like the old brilliant movies, Ramchand Pakistani was something the whole nation was proud about.

josh Lollywood: There is Still Hope

The journey of good movies just not ended here, as many new faces tried to step into the world of movies by taking encouragement via Shoaib and Mehreen’s work. Iram Parveen Bilal, a young face in our electronic media, presented a featured movie last year by introducing small screen stars like Amina Sheikh and Muhib Mirza to the big screen. The film got so many hits that it was displayed in the Mumbai Film Festival.

seedlings Lollywood: There is Still Hope

In 2012, Amina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza were also starred in a movie Seedlings (Lamha) directed by Mansoor Mujahid, who was another newcomer in the Pakistan film industry. Seedlings was nominated in seven different categories at the New York International Film Festival, out of which it won two major awards.

The reason why all these films were great success was the idea and the story they were based on. They displayed the true and worst realities of our society. All we need now is daring directors and writers who won’t only highlights the problem of our culture but also represent a best quality work. 

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