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Let’s think about it for a second, when was the last time you went shopping for makeup? With plenty of international makeup brands being easily available in the market, buying good quality makeup can put a dent on your wallet. Foundations for 2,000rs, eyeliners for 500rs and blushes for 800rs- these prices can all add up in a split second.

Hope is not lost ladies. If you want to look your best without spending all of your savings, you can find a few alternative brands for less without compromising on quality, we have a few picks and tips to help you save some money the next time you head out to buy makeup.

Find What Works For You!

8630343559 9e22c5d425 o 300x292 Look Flawless for LessEveryone has a different skin type and chances are you don’t need every single makeup product out there. A strict rule to follow is ‘use what you have’. Don’t follow every single trend out there, many will recommend you items that you don’t even need!

Let’s say your skin isn’t patchy, oily or acne prone but you just have some dark circles, skip the foundation and go for a concealer which matches your skin tone. Cover up your dark circles and blend out any remaining product to the rest of your face. You don’t need to cover up your entire face with product, just the smallest amount will go a long way. A few good quality low budget concealers to try are Christine Dark Circle Concealer (180rs) and Essence 3-in-1 Forget it Concealer (360rs)

Multipurpose Purchase!

6117830100 1bfbf9b9c1 o 300x199 Look Flawless for LessAn eyeshadow that works as an eyeliner and lipstick that works as a cream blush, you can fool just about anyone if you know how to use your products. Using a makeup product for more then one purpose can easily help you save a few bucks. That doesn’t mean you can’t add any flare to your makeup.

A good way to perk up your makeup routine is to use brighter colors, A vibrant purple or blue eyeshadow can work wonders as a bold eyeliner look. Simply dip your angled eyeliner brush into some water and then into your eyeshadow, the wet consistency will turn your powder eyeshadow into a gorgeous cream eyeliner. Buying an eye shadow palette will easily help you use your shadows for a number of occasions. Use neutral and lighter colors for a daytime look and deeper hues for a night out. See your saving money already without compromising on a fun makeup look. We really love Luscious Color Stories Eye Shadows (445rs), there are comparable low-key brands with good quality eye shadows such as Christine and Sweet Touch that you can find at your local cosmetic shop.

Simple is always Better

Who says you need to stock up on makeup? It’s the latest craze is to buy everything even if it doesn’t suit you. A simple tip is to not keep more than 3 times from each category. Let’s say 3 for eyes, 3 for face and 3 for lips, a great way to keep track of what you own is to know how much you utilize a certain product. If you love wearing eyeliner or kajal everyday, stick to changing them out every 3-6 months since dirt and germs can build up. Powder products on the other hand can be used for years without compromising on its use. Don’t overload your makeup stash with products you only use once. 

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