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Loreal Fiberceutic Hair Treatment at Nabila’s Salon

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Hair treatments are popping up all over salons with big promises of curing your hair from frizz and damage. Like most women, I suffer from frizzy-coarse hair. All those years of blow-drying, straightening, teasing, hair color every 2 months has all led me to dull, lack-luster hair with a lot of fallout. Needless to say, a hair treatment was much overdo for my locks.

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I was recommended to try out L’Oreal Professionnel’s latest magic potion at Nabila’s Salon; the Fiberceutic Hair Treatment designed for dry and damaged hair for easing your hair into gorgeous strands. The fiber filling treatment is unique in Pakistan since most salons don’t offer services from international brands. The treatment strengthens the hair folic and prevents the roots from breakage and fallout while the ends are nourished and conditioned. This new botox treatment for hair is a quick therapeutic fix for your hair from spilt ends and heat damage.

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As gimmicky as the treatment sounds, you have to admit it’s catchy and interesting to try a ‘botox for hair’ treatment since botox for the skin is designed for those with a busy schedule in need of a lift. The Fiberceutic Hair Treatment works in the same manner, in a just under an hour you can walk out of a salon with sleek and silky hair.

The atmosphere at Nabila’s Salon in Park Towers is very soothing and relaxing. I was greeted by the receptionist who gave me just a few minutes to wait for the treatment to begin. Note that the salon is mixed, some women might find the atmosphere a little uncomfortable for their preference.

The steps of the treatment took only 45 minutes to complete. After the initial shampoo, the salon expert took a syringe type application and filled it with a serum-like product. The hair-filling treatment was used while focusing on key areas where there was more hair damage. The treatment seemed very hi-tech and medical-like. After applying the treatment, they massage it into my hair after which a mask was applied. Once the product serum was applied, it hardened when it came time to washing it out. After which a hair mask was applied to further help treatment of the hair. The mask was left on for about 15 minutes after which it was washed out and blow-dried. The mask gave results similar to a deep conditioning mask.

The treatment is stated to last up to 10 shampoos. I purchased the L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Fiberceutic mask for at home care since it was recommended to use for the treatment to last longer.

So what were my results? My hair felt silky smooth to the touch and felt hydrated without feeling greasy after the initial treatment. A month later my hair still feels very soft and the difference is noticeable in touch and after daily washing. I apply the mask every week that keeps the treatment prolonged. The treatment made my hair feel vibrant and reborn! It feels livelier and less damaged. I wouldn’t say that the treatment lasts until 10 washes, I felt the treatment start fading after about 6-7 washes. My hair still feels soft but not as the same after the initial treatment.

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Those with extremely damaged hair can benefit from this treatment – dried ends, heat damage, split ends and roughness. I recommend this treatment only for those who have very weak and coarse hair since the treatment is very thick and heavy. I highly suggest this treatment for those looking for a quick fix, especially for a wedding or a special occasion if you’re looking for lively, healthy hair with volume and shine

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