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Full, Fluttery Lashes with L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

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Mascara is the one essential makeup item that can instantly give your eyes a complete lift. Unlike eyeliners and eyeshadows, mascaras can be a bit tricky to achieve the best look from. All of our lashes are distinctive in the slightest way, from thin straight lashes to full long lashes because of which not all mascara formulas will give us the same result.

The latest mascara launch by L’Oreal is the Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. An innovative mascara, the Butterfly Brush™ is created with an asymmetrical lash line shape. The brush is able to extend and lift the outer corner lashes to help you achieve a winged-out effect. The concept of winged-out lashes is very similar to cat eye lashes that a few brands have marketed. So is this a revolutionary mascara? Let’s find out.


Loreal mascara 3 Full, Fluttery Lashes with LOreal Voluminous Butterfly MascaraThe mascara comes in a very elegant and sleek silver tube. The unique aspect about this mascara is the bristles. With many mascaras, you can find a variation of brush sizes and shapes to give you the best effect. With the L’Oreal Butterfly mascara, the bristles are in different lengths in a curved shape. While the brush is an interesting concept, it takes a bit of getting use to for application.


Loreal mascara Full, Fluttery Lashes with LOreal Voluminous Butterfly MascaraThe formula of any mascara is important to see how well it wears throughout the day without causing any issues such as smudging and flaking. With a liquidy formula, this mascara builds length quickly without clumping together. It easily applies onto the lashes smoothly while keeping your lashes curled sky high.


Loreal mascara 2 Full, Fluttery Lashes with LOreal Voluminous Butterfly MascaraWith a very distinct brush shape, it can take some getting use to. With a curved brush, first apply the mascara with the shorter bristles in a very thin layer just to help build up the volume. Next use the longer bristles and build up length and curl outward. This will help you achieve the best application with more defined and volumized lashes.


What to Expect?

Loreal mascara 4 Full, Fluttery Lashes with LOreal Voluminous Butterfly MascaraIf you’re looking for length and curl, this mascara is something to try out. With a unique shape that is sure to deliver some serious lash-lengthening results. It will not however give you a winged-out effect that the mascara is marketed for. Your lashes will overall achieve longer length but will not give more length to the outermost lashes. The intensity of the black pigment will give you a rich, carbon black lashes. This isn’t the best daytime mascara since it will give a dramatic effect. Your lashes will feel light and not heavy with this one as the curl also holds all day without reapplying.

With a price tag of 2,100RS, L’Oreal mascaras can be found at various supermarkets across Pakistan as well as online at 

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