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Talking to your Potential Husband to-be


Couple 01 300x223 Talking to your Potential Husband to beGetting married is truly a blessing. While most moms, sisters, in-laws are running around town finding the best caterer, venue, bridal dress and invitation cards- its important for the bride to consider communicating with the husband to-be before the wedding date. Traditional Pakistani weddings are very family orientated, everyone is involved and during this time the bride learns about not only the groom but her in-laws. Gaining knowledge about your husband directly from the source is a great way to start off a beautiful and healthy lifetime together.


Couple 02 300x200 Talking to your Potential Husband to beThe foundation to any relationship calls for deep communication which will lead you to understanding each other’s differences easily. Communication runs both ways, not only should your potential spouse talk to you honestly but you should open up about your expectations from the matrimony and your own wishes about how you expect to live your life. Now I can give you a long list of questions to ask your potential spouse, in the end all that matters is what you expect and how compatible the relationship is. It’s no doubt that modern marriages are brought out through a having a relationship before marriage. You can learn so much about a person but in the end it’s about learning what you need to expect and give in the relationship. Never expect your spouse to change. He didn’t change for his parents and you shouldn’t expect him to change his ways just by marriage. Accept him for the way he is and he will reciprocate.

Talking and listening are the two main ways to have a fulfilling relationship.  You want your voice to be heard and you would expect your spouse to be open about his feeling. Men generally speak very little about their feelings and thoughts, you don’t want to overburden him with your problems but you also want him to understand and resolve any issues to maintain a healthy and honest relationship. If any misunderstanding arises, speaking about it and resolving the situation will lead to a lifetime of happiness.

Financial Stability

images Talking to your Potential Husband to beIn today’s rise in the standard cost of living, having a steady income with money management skills can help budget your future saving easily. Money can cause a lot of distress if not managed effectively, it can deter your future child’s education and lead you to live a better lifestyle. Learn about what he spends most of his money on- bills, entertainment, outdoor activities, cars or night out with friends. Finding out where his expensive are most spent will help you understand how you both will handle money.

While you can go for separate bank accounts, maintaining both of your finances together and trusting one another with money can be dealt with by talking about it. The way he spends or saves money will help you understand his priorities.
A wife and a husband will always have a clear set of responsibilities in the relationship, know what to expect from your husband by asking him about his goals in life. Chances are his short term goals will lead to his long-term goals. If he’s talking about 5 years or 10 years from now, what steps is he taking in his life now to make those changes a reality.

There is no criteria for a husband to be perfect but understanding your potential spouse’s train of thought can make the lifetime spent easier. Having a healthy relationship with your husband can lead you to a happy, healthy, joyful and blessed life together. 

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