8 Interesting Facts About the Dashing Ali Zafar!


I wish he had a bigger name so I could give his introduction a dramatic feel. But this guy has a lot more to him than just his name. Born on 18th May, he falls into the category of those Tauruses that make a name for themselves. They do it without any favors from anyone. Destined to achieve all leaps and bounds in their way and be additionally creative in their lives. His name does justice to the zodiac as he has done everything he could possibly make a name in.
Ali Zafar, the famous singer from Lahore. Not only a singer but a model (a painfully sexy one may I add), an actor, musician, song writer, director and, not that it was needed, but a painter as well.

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He rose to fame with his song Channo from his debut album Huqa Pani’. Those were the days, when the song’s official video wouldn’t get taken off any music channel we switched to on our televisions. And we actually switched to see if the song was on again. The hit song sold over five million copies internationally! Ali Zafar was meant for it. Touching hearts across borders with just his first step, we knew he would achieve heights.

And he did! He also made a mark in his acting career by landing a role in the Bollywood movie ‘Tere Bin Laden‘. He had the looks, he had the voice and he could do those expressions really well. We could tell by his choice of making a story in his music videos and acting in them. And that caught everyone’s attention.

Here is a list of few fun facts about our, yes, our very own Ali Zafar.


Ali Zafar Chashme Baddoor1 8 Interesting Facts About the Dashing Ali Zafar!Ali’s latest movie Chashme Buddoor won the audience’s heart so good that the movie is considered 2013’s official first super hit movie. Now the movie had his perks but the reviewers agree that this is the first time that the cinema echoed so many times with laughter in the year. I approve.


Ali Zafar has not only invested his talent in entertainment but also in fine arts. He made his first comic when he was eight years old and is fond of painting since childhood. He also worked as a sketch artist at the lobby of Continental hotel in Lahore.


Ali Zafar is the third most Googled musician in India. Yes that’s right. It’s India we’re talking about. The people love him there. And I personally think that if he can make a better name for him and us, he should be appreciated in doing it anywhere, even if it’s right across the borders.


In 2012 He was titled as the second sexiest man in Asia. And the guy has been in the top twenty list for six consecutive years. Six!


He even had his song ‘Dekha’ featured in the Hollywood movie Wall Street: Money Never Stops. The song is from the album ‘Masty’ and Ali Zafar is the fourth Pakistani artist to have this privilege.


Ali Zafar is a fan of the legendary singers, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.


He was kidnapped in 2008 along with his finance when the couple went out for a Saturday night dinner and was released after his family paid 2.5 million rupees as ransom, the kidnapper was never found.


Even though the list can go on and on about the thirty two year old lad, let’s end it by letting you know that Ali can finish a portrait in twenty minutes.

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