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Every new comer in the field of television usually shares a common dream – the dream of shining on the silver screen someday! In Pakistan, we unfortunately don’t have a full flourished film industry yet, that’s one of the major reasons some of our finest actors confined themselves to mini screens for a very long period of time. Although things are changing for cinema now, young blood like Bilal Lashari and intelligent brains like Shoaib Mansoor are a sign of hope for Pakistani cinema still the fact can’t be neglected that Pakistani TV industry is more established as compared to our cinema. Probably it is the popularity of television in this country that many Pakistani film artists have worked for mini screen. In our today’s article we are talking about 4 Pakistani film artists who worked for television, we will also evaluate if their work was as impressive as their film projects were.

Nadeem Baig

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Nadeem Baig is a living legend of Pakistani cinema with over 200 hit movies on his credit. Mr. Perfectionist of Pakistani cinema when stepped into television was extremely careful about the roles he select, that’s why there are only a couple of TV projects in which we found him. His famous dramas are Bisaat that was broadcasted on PTV and Mil Ki Bhi Hum Na Mile that went on air from Geo TV. Each character he played for mini screen was entirely different than the other and left an everlasting impact on audience. Other than dramas, he also hosted a talk show Mere Nadeem with celebrity guests for PTV.

Moammar Rana

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After Waheed Murad, Moammar Rana can rightly be said chocolate hero of Pakistani cinema. His block buster movie Chooriyan earned a revenue of 200 million rupees which is a grand total for any movie considering the small film industry of Pakistan. The voyage to success for Momi didn’t stop at Chooriyan and he continued to give hit after hit including Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa, Koi Tujh Sa Kahan and Love Mein Ghum. Unlike his films, the TV career of Momi isn’t very impressive. He performed in numerous TV dramas including Mere Pass Pass, Nazar, Kaisi Hain Doorian, Banjar and Ishq Ibadat. Among all of these, Mere Pass Pass was the only one that caught the attention of audience, and for it a sequel was made as well. Moammar Rana also appeared on Pakistan’s dance reality show Nach Le as a celebrity judge. To conclude the discussion we can easily say that Nigar Award Winner Moammar Rana has an outstanding movie career but he surely has disappointed his fans a little with his TV projects.


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Scandal boy Saud surely doesn’t need any formal introduction – people either know him because of his countless affairs with film co-stars or his marriage with famous TV star Jaweria Jalil. In 2007, Saud established his own production house JJ Productions and came up with serials like Ye Zindagi Hai and Yeh Kaisi Muhabbat Hai. According to Geo TV, Yeh Zindagi Hai is one of their great revenue generating play however for me the play has lost its charm because it has been dragged for too long now. Carefully, it can be said that Saud didn’t maintain his TV career well till date, let’s see if JJ productions or Saud as an actor has something better to offer to his TV audience.

Babar Ali

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Babar Ali, the famous movie artist of 90s made his sensational television debut with play Landa Bazar that went on air on PTV in 2002. His couple with Farah Shah was hugely appreciated by masses and the play gained nationwide popularity. Babar Ali maintained his acting skills and delivered his best in each TV project he signed. Muthi Bhar Chawal, Chunnri and Ek Nazar Meri Taraf are some of his popular TV plays. Babar Ali totally gets into the character he is playing, in Ek Nazar Meri Taraf he was brilliant against Alishba Yousaf and Mahnoor Baloch, where his role was of a betrayed husband who gradually learns to trust woman again. Apart from some brilliant drama performances, Babar Ali has also hosted a morning show for Apna Channel. It can be rightly said that he has wisely tackled his television career. We surely expect some more extraordinary performances from him. 

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