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Melt-Proof Makeup For Summer

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With the summer season in full swing, how to keep your makeup from melting off your skin is one task that can be troublesome to put up with. With the sun shinning and the weather getting warmer, having fun outside with the sweat and heat calls for little to no makeup for summer. With the summer sun scorching down during the day, protecting your skin while keeping a flawless glow lasting all day calls for a few changes in your makeup routine.

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Now we all want to look our best even with the dreaded heat, when choosing what to wear on your skin should be kept minimal. Unlike winter and fall, summer makeup is difficult to achieve. Most of us tend to not wear any makeup since creamy products tend to slip off our skin. With the dry, humid temperate of summer, looking your best for an outdoor activity can easily be achieved with a few simple makeup for summer tips and tricks.

Pre-Makeup Makeup Routine

Before you go about putting your routine makeup on, avoid slathering moisturizers and heavy creams on your skin since your makeup will end up slipping off your skin. Of course if your skin becomes dry after you’ve washed your face use a light moisturizer in just a pea-sized amount and apply it all over your face and neck. Let the cream absorb into your skin for about 10 minutes and then begin to apply your makeup for summer.

Sun Protection

MG 1866 199x300 Melt Proof Makeup For SummerNever skip out on using a primer. My favorite multi-purpose primer, sun protection and moisturizer is the Luscious Cosmetics Skin Whitening Base SPF 35 (975rs). The primer comes in 2 formulations for your skin type; oily/combination and normal. Since my t-zone gets oily, the oil/combination formula keeps my skin matte and oil-free for a few hours. Wearing a primer keeps your makeup intact throughout the day through sweat and humidity. The primer includes SPF 35 perfect for outdoor activities, if you are planning to stay outside longer; the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 55 (1,100Rs) is a better choice for protection.

Powder up

MG 1869 300x195 Melt Proof Makeup For SummerMy number one tip for summer is Powder, Powder, Powder. Setting powder is the one makeup product to keep with you in your handbag at all times. With the weather melting off anything that you apply on your face, keeping it together with a shine-free face can be achieve with a few touch-ups with your favorite powder. Two of my all time favorite pressed powders for the summer is the Luscious Cosmetics Flawless Finish Powder + Foundation (975Rs) and the Color Studio Professional Invincible Compact Powder (1,250Rs). Since the weather has changed, I found the Invincible Pressed powder to be extremely long lasting compared to the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (650Rs) that’s been a staple powder for many beauties. While the Luscious Cosmetics Powder is more of a cake powder consistency, it keeps oil in control  and even minimizes the appearance of pores which becomes more visible with sweat and oil.

Glowing Skin

Switch up your matte complexion for a dewy glow for night time flash photography. While a matte face can make your skin look flat and one dimensional, using highlight powders and shimmery bronzing powders are two methods you can go about your makeup look. Since cream products tend to give a dewy illuminating look, I suggest sticking only with powders so that the product adheres to your skin longer.


Skip out on wearing creamy lipsticks and sticky lip glosses and go for a lip stain. Brands such as Catrice, Revlon and Rimmel all carry a one-of-a-kind lip stain in their range. A stain is a water based formula that adds a bit of color to your lips without feeling like you have anything on them! Go for a rosy pink shade or a coral for the perfect summer lip.

Waterproof Eye Makeup

Preventing you eye makeup from melting calls for using waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. Waterproof formulas contain long-wearing ingredients that adhere to your skin longer without smudging or flaking. 

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