Mere Apnay: A Must Watch Family Saga


ARY Digital’s new drama serial Mere Apnay is the story of a small happy family – parents who spent their entire life in a constant struggle of upbringing their kids and have no regrets about it, a loving daughter; who is soon to be married and three grown-up sons who are eager to fulfill their responsibilities by taking care of their parents and sister. Unfortunately the happy part ends here, once the father is retired and left with no savings, the sons totally forget about their responsibilities, leaving the parents ignored and alone in their old age.

0 Mere Apnay: A Must Watch Family Saga

Mere Apanay is a heart-wrenching story of life, relationships, responsibilities, miseries, sacrifices and ego! A father, who always provided for the entire family will not be able to bear the humiliation once his own sons turn back on him, his anguish mingled with ego will push his sons even more far away resulting in more rifts and clashes among the family.

31 Mere Apnay: A Must Watch Family Saga

Mere Apnay is a megastar project with Nadeem Baig and Bushra Ansari playing the title role. Other prominent cast includes Mansha Pasha, Hassan Ahmad, Asad Siddique and Saima Qureshi. Seema Ghazal has written the story where as Badar Mahmood is the director of the play.

4 Mere Apnay: A Must Watch Family Saga

The first episode of Mere Apnay on aired last Monday, the beginning of the play was excellent, introducing the main cast and action of the play. As seen in the promos, a lot of people were comparing Mere Apnay with the blockbuster Bollywood movie Baghbaan! For me, the similarities between Mere Apnay and Baghbaan only ends at Bushara Ansari’s sarees and her magical bonding with her husband (Nadeem Baig). The story of this play definitely has a lot more to offer to the audience than just being a plain remake of Baghbaan.

6 Mere Apnay: A Must Watch Family Saga

Talking about the acting of the cast, Nadeem Baig and Bushra Ansari were flawless in their characters. Watching the silver screen star Nadeem Baig on mini screen is always a treat, I can only watch the entire play for nothing but Nadeem Baig alone. ¬†This is the first time we are seeing Mansha Pasha in a negative character, let’s see if she nails this character as well. Hassan Ahmad failed to impress me in the first episode, I have seen him acting way better than what he is doing here, we have to wait and watch to see if he gets any better.

7 Mere Apnay: A Must Watch Family Saga

If you have a thing for emotional family sagas then Mere Apnay is definitely a must watch for you, you can catch this play on air every Monday on ARY Digital prime time slot and don’t forget to keep some tissues handy.

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