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Mom and the Mischievous – Story of 7 Days

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Day 1

The little 5 year old, my son! Is a handful when it comes to fun!

Naughty yet adorable little muffin he is, whom I just couldn’t bring to discipline.

He’d act up every two minutes and get away with a mischievous grin,

And the little jokes he cracks every time, make me laugh and forgive him.

Sometimes my husband and I let him get away with much more than we should!

And many times we’re simply too tired to deal with him, whining and crying under a hood.

The ‘discipline nightmare’ my mischievous one, has made my life quiet troublesome!

I’m desperate to put an end to this madness, which makes his life more than fun!

So, I start setting a few rules that are simple and stand firm.

And if he doesn’t follow them, he’ll face penalties (no spanking on the bum.)


Day 2

I know all about the discolored spot under the table mat,

It is broccoli from last night’s dinner, the mischievous chewed and spat.

I come up with a scare and tell him that I’m calling the neighbor’s dog,

Let’s find out who has been designing that big and hideous dot!

Scared of dogs, he has always been, I know,

He says, ‘Mama, don’t bother. I will clean it for you in one go!’

(That’s it! I did it!)

Day 3

I take him to the museum to teach him all I should,

He makes a face and says, ‘Ma! I’m a busy man; please make this as short as you could?’

At the museum, my son – ‘the busy man’, looks very bored.

Before he throws a tantrum, I pretend dumb and ask him to teach me all he knows.

(So dumb) he says, ‘Mom! Stay quiet and I’ll tell you all what’s inside,

I chuckle within (I did it again!) and walk quietly beside.


Day 4

I ask him to gather the trash and I see the mischievous grin again.

‘Ma, my teacher says one should do their own work without any bargain!’

Sulking, he does the chore once I make it clear,

‘Okay, in that case, how about doing your own laundry, cleaning and cooking every day, my dear?!’


Day 5

I realize why he whines and cries! Because it actually works,

(He knows) It grates our nerves so much; I see those hidden smirks,

I’ve had enough and tell him that his attitude should change this year,

I won’t listen to whiny voices anymore or give in to those crocodile tears!

(One needs to be strict sometimes!)

Day 6

Today I feel the mischievous brat has come up with something new,

It’s Saturday! And he has been quiet for a long time without me pleading him to.

To find out what he’s doing, I tiptoe to his bedroom,

And of course! He’s soaked with water in his bathing costume!


‘Mom! There was a shark in the bath tub!!’ says my little one in defense.

‘Sure sweetie, slay it!’ I say smiling (making him tense)

‘Are you serious?’ He asks in a tone of surprise.

‘Of course. But only if you are sure that you haven’t told me any lies?!’

(now he is thinking……..)

‘Phooey! There is no shark; I just wanted to play in the tub’

‘That’s a great idea, and will you also allow Mama to give you a scrub?’

‘Oh. Okay!’

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Day 7

I have just begun disciplining my little one this week,

And i see a change already, without using any foolproof technique.

My darling boy has learnt to not lie or whine and does his chores,

And he is careful not to upset me by throwing tantrums outdoors.

I realize it’s all about balancing, while you’re dealing with kids,

The recipe is to be a Spoonful-smart, A Dollop-sweet and just a Pinch-strict


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