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Multibrand Designer Stores—Cheaper Quality or Better Designers?

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Multibrand designer stores have been sprouting up all over Karachi in the past few years. From Brands Just Pret to The Designers, these stores are all over the city. With a wide selection of up and coming designers along with established designers, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for in just a single shop visit.

What I prefer is the selection of brands available, which is the case with multibrand designer stores. I I can find an established designer such as Yasir Waheed but discovering a new designer that has a creative edge to their collection is always a fun experience.

When it comes to quality of these fresh designers, I am impressed by some. Brands Just Prêt stock designers such as Nida Ali, Uzma Hai, Saakh and Ayesha-Somaya. The store offers a distinct variety of designers including  elegant shoes, bags and jewelry. Along with its in store collection, Brands Just Prêt also have a web store, which gives customers an easier to purchase prêt-wear. You can find the latest outfits ranging from 3-piece formal wear to everyday casual prêt wear online. Brands Just Prêt keeps its stock up to date by offering a variety of contemporary to traditional women’s wear along with accessories.

multibrand store Multibrand Designer Stores—Cheaper Quality or Better Designers?

Although Brands Just Prêt offers prêt attires and a small selection of semi-formal designs, the quality is not up to the mark as Labels or Ellemint Pret. Some outfits are overpriced for being pret wear, starting from 5,000rs to 10,000rs for just a cotton-linen mix kurta. The prêt attire available is very ordinary, some cotton fabrics were rough while some designs were tacky and not offering true value for money.

One store I always prefer to visit is The Designers Multi Brand Store – the outlet housing over forty-five new and established fashion designers. The outlet stocks upscale designers that have been known around the globe for being fashion forward. Having so many designers under one roof gives customers easy access to such brands. The store is huge and you can find exactly what you are looking for at the outlet including prêt couture, luxury prêt, and semi-formal to formal. Since the designer collections at the store are top quality, I only have to pick what I like instead of wasting time learning about its quality.  At the store, each designer is allotted a rack with its brand logo mentioned above it for easy location. The prices are a less compared to single brand outlets but the difference isn’t huge.

Overall, shopping at a multibrand store will give you a variety of outfits to choose. You can find a great new designer at a lower price but don’t expect every item to be of the same quality.

Store Locations:


24, Dolmen City Mall- Clifton

Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-529-4211



3-C 10th street, Phase 5 Defence

Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: (92-21) 35248563



1-C, First Stadium Lane,


Phase 5, D.H.A.

Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-584-1446, 3-584-1461



F-35/2, Main 26th Street Block 4, Clifton

Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-42) 3-583-3446, 3-537-3617 

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