Must Watch Pakistani Dramas for 2013

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Pakistani dramas are back. People are watching from across the border and thanks to sites like VidpK.com, across the world. Dramas like Humsafar, Sheher E Zaat and Dastaan have become household names, holding the viewer’s attention despite the influx of Turkish and Indian dramas. 2012 was a great year for good dramas and 2013 is looking to be even better.

What you should be watching NOW:

Aik Naeey Cinderella

A beautifully visualized fairytale directed by Haissem Hussain of Dastaan and Durr e Shehwar fame, which can be watched with the whole family. With a fresh young cast of talented actors and actresses this show is flying high in the ratings. Good, old fashioned, gothic romance, a brave, smart-alec heroine in Maya Ali with two handsome young men to choose from (Osman Khaled Butt and Faizan Khwaja), it’s like Saturday night at the movies.

Ek Nayi Cinderella E2 80 93 Episode 1 E2 80 93 13th October 20121 300x180 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas for 2013

Bari Appa

A script by Samira Fazal should be reason enough to watch this true to life, family drama. Now add to that superb actors like Noman Ejaz and actresses Sawera Nadeem and Aisha Khan and it becomes un-missable. This drama tells the story of a proud domineering woman whose hold on her family is slowly slipping away with each twist of fate and every bad decision made. Each person is characterized with such subtle nuance and sincerity that the viewer can easily recognize such people in their real lives

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai     

Starring everyone’s favourite and Pakistan’s very own superstar Fawad Khan of Humsafer fame, this is a love story touching on some important societal issues. Class differences, female education and definitions of feminism are some of the themes highlighted by the writer, Umera Ahmed. Superficially Kashaf and Zaroon are polar opposites from entirely different backgrounds but both are united with the dissatisfaction they feel in their home lives. Their meeting and eventual understanding is the heart of this serial.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 1 300x155 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas for 2013


This drama is directed by Sarmad Khoosat of Humsafer fame, well-acted and subtly written it points out problems faced by many women even in this day and age. Important social issues such as infertility and the pressure to produce male children are some of the themes explored. Starring Fahad Mustapha, Sana Askeri and a great new comer Mehar Bano, this is a very different drama to all the other romantic fantasies on television at the moment.

Daagh 300x89 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas for 2013

Kahi Unkahi

Zoya, played by Aiza Khan is the daughter of a driver but through her own hard work and the help of her father’s employer’s wife, she has managed to educate and better herself. However, will that be enough to make her an acceptable partner to Sharry who is that same woman’s younger son? This is a, light romantic story with a twist in the tale. How quickly new found wealth allows people to forget their own roots

.Kahi Ankahi Drama by Hum TV 300x159 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas for 2013

What To Look Out For

Mirat ul Aroos: A modern twist on the famous 19th century novel by Nazir Ahmed about the very different married lives of two sisters.

Silvatein:  An intriguing new drama written by Samira Fazal and starring one Amina Shaikh and Adeel Hassan

Kankar: Another highly anticipated serial By Umera Ahmed starring everyone’s favourite Sanam Baloch of Durr e Shehwar fame and the talented Mohib Mirza.

Main Manto: Based on the life of one of the most famous and perhaps controversial writers of the Indo Pak subcontinent; Sadat Hassan Manto.




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