Nahari! The National Dish of Pakistan


I recently found out that Pakistan has a national dish, which is Nahari. I am a huge foodie in general but there are some dishes which can feed my appetite anytime and Nahari is one of them. What I love bout it is not only the flavors but the way it treats a lot of our common symptoms for Cold and Sinus.

Beef Nihari Recipe Nahari! The National Dish of Pakistan

People often (in fact, almost always) pronounce the word Nahari wrong. They say Nihari, which is a mistake made by so many that it seems to be correct. It is Nahari as it originates from the word ‘nahar’ (in Arabic it means morning) we all know the phrase ‘nahar muu’ as in to have something first thing in the morning. Well, Nahari is that, it used to be a breakfast item, but now it is a convenient dish for all times of day, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even brunch.

bolih Nahari! The National Dish of Pakistan

So how exactly can one describe Nahari? It’s not exactly your average curry. Nahari has been often described as a slow cooker stew, eaten with Naan or Kulcha. Usually made from beef with optional additions of bone marrow (Nalli) and brains (Maghaz). One can also make it of lamb, and recently mutton and chicken versions have evolved, though are usually limited to at home cooking.

Waheed Kabab House at Burns Road is the king of Naharis. Other places to enjoy a nice meal of Nahari are Zahid Nahari at Tariq Road, Javed Nahari at Azizabad, Delhi Muslim at North Nazimabad and Mazaidar Haleem at Burns Road/Gurumandar.


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