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Nail Art Store: Get Customized Nail Art Online

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Nail art is the latest trend to hit salons in the past few years. Artificial nails can be an easy way to doll up your manicure without spending a tedious amount of time applying nail7115411029 faa19219ec m Nail Art Store: Get Customized Nail Art Online lacquer. These are ideal for younger girls and teenagers but do not look as appealing on older women since the designs can look a bit childish on their nails, making them an inappropriate look for them to sport.

In Karachi, you can find amazing nail artists at every salon that offer personalized manicures ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.4000, depending on your choice of nail art and the salon.

Nail Art Store – Bringing convenience to your doorstep

New Picture Nail Art Store: Get Customized Nail Art Online

Now you can get your customized nail art design in the comfort of your home simply by logging on to, the latest web store to come up with a huge selection of nail art acrylics that are designed and printed digitally.

Nail Art Store digitally creates designs, ranging from abstract images to floral prints. nail tips sets e1362083688561 Nail Art Store: Get Customized Nail Art OnlineCustomers have the choice to customize their own nail art by sending in an image of their choice. The image will then be printed onto the artificial nails so you can have your own customized nail art design.

These artificial nails come in small, medium and large sizes, giving you the liberty to choose the right size for your nails. The designs come in a set of 10 artificial nails, one for each nail, and have a glossy finish to them.

Using the nail art design

To use these nail art designs is not difficult once you get understand how to do it. If you have never applied artificial nails before, I would recommend doing some research online for tips and how to apply them properly.  Simply make sure that the artificial nail fitshow to apply e1362083832894 Nail Art Store: Get Customized Nail Art Online perfectly onto your nail bed or else it will look out of place and uneven. You can easily file the sides or the tip to fit your nail shape. Once you have adjusted the size to fit your nail, simply brush your nail glue on evenly then apply the artificial nail and wait 5 minutes for it to dry.

Ways you can access Nail Art Store

When you place an order on their website, the nail art designs are shipped to your SLIDER e1362084022497 Nail Art Store: Get Customized Nail Art Onlineaddress. In case, you are a resident of Islamabad and wish to visit the store in person,  you can visit their Islamabad location to have the designs manicured on your nails personally. All the artificial nail sets are priced at Rs. 800. However, the store does offer remarkable sales of up to 40% off so be on the lookout!

You can shop at Nail Art Store online here. For more information, find Nail Art Store on Facebook here 

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