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Nasreen Jalil – All Rolled into One


What if we tell you about a woman who is a commercial pilot, a senator, an ex-vice mayor of a city and an active member of the welfare activities? She is one of those people who have done what half of the people can’t even dream of doing. How did she do all that? Well let’s find out.

You have guessed it right, we are talking about no one else than Nasreen Jalil.


She was born on 22nd Feb, 1947 in Lahore. By the educational background, she is a commercial pilot and a graduate in English Literature. Nasreen got her primary education from Adabistan-e-Soophiya Lahore. Then she went for middle level schooling to UK, only to study at the Savernake School of London. On her return to Pakistan, she cleared her  Matriculation and Intermediate  from Karachi in 1958-1962. She did her matriculation from the famous PECHS School and later on got admission in Home Economics College, eventually moved to Karachi University for Graduation.


Nasreen was always fascinated about the languages spoken in the Western countries. She wanted to learn them so much that she went to Paris in 1963 just to learn French. On her return to Pakistan, she completed her graduation in English Literature in 1966. Nasreen, unlike many other girls of her age, was interested in the extra-curricular activities and community work. That is why she has been an active member of various welfare activities and community works. She has been associated with the Behbood (Welfare) organization, since 1970 in Karachi.

License of Commercial Pilot, Marriage and Her Work in Politics

She learned how to fly at the Aero Club and got her license of commercial pilot in 1966. Then she worked as an instructor at the Hong Kong Aero Club. Nasreen, soon after getting her license, got married and has four children. Even though, she got married, she did not bind herself to household activities and she kept on working as an independent woman while taking care of her personal life as well. She kept the balance of her professional and personal life in check and did not mix them up with each other.

She is the deputy convener of MQM’s Coordinate Committee. She has won the Senate election in 2012 and currently holds the position of a Senator. Her tenure will end in 2018 She is the chairperson of Senate’s Standing Committee on the Economic Issues of Pakistan.

Grace DignifieD

Nasreen has been fulfilling her duties as a successful political leader, a senator and a housewife without getting involved in any sort of controversy. She sets an example for women out there as to how to carry out your tasks as a housewife while working at the same time without getting attention of others for wrong reasons. She has not only defined grace through her personality but has taken it to the next level. She is definitely a role model to many young girls and women out there. 

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