Natural Remedies For Dental Health


We all know that we should have tartar and plaque free teeth. But toothache and cavities are something that can hit anyone at any time. It could be a result of:

  • Bad food choices
  • Bacteria
  • Poor brushing technique
  • No flossing
  • Lack of dental care


Here are some natural remedies for dental health that you can easily try at home and get rid of the discolouration of teeth, bad breath and toothache.

Natural Teeth Whiteners

kulit jeruk Natural Remedies For Dental Health1. Oranges

Making a paste by mixing orange peels with bay leaves in equal amount and rubbing it across the teeth will clear teeth stains in days.


getty rm photo of woman eating strawberries Natural Remedies For Dental Health2. Strawberries

Strawberry contains an acid that works as a polish. Rubbing the strawberry pulp on your teeth will clean the stains and whiten the teeth.


toothbrush m1970874 Natural Remedies For Dental Health3. Lemon Juice

Adding a few drops of lemon juice to brush your teeth will clean all the stains on the teeth.


salt Natural Remedies For Dental Health4. Salt

Cleaning your teeth with salt is another effective remedy. It helps get rid of the yellowing of teeth teeth.


Remedies For Bad Breath

20120629 pho food lab 11 Natural Remedies For Dental Health1. Herbs

Chewing  fennel, dill, cardamom, or aniseed can kill the bacteria that grow in your mouth and help mask the odour of bad breath.


Cinnamon 1 1024x768 Natural Remedies For Dental Health2. Cinnamon Stick

Slurp on a cinnamon. It is an antibacterial and is effective in preventing bad breath caused by the bacteria on your tongue.


375x321 apple cider vinegar ref guide Natural Remedies For Dental Health3. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is best to use for halitosis as it has acidic properties. Drink one tablespoon of diluted ACV before or after each meal or gargle with it.


article bad breath mints Natural Remedies For Dental Health4. Mint

Chewing on fresh mint leaves is one of the top known remedies for halitosis.


Cavities And Toothache

Lemon with cut pc copy Natural Remedies For Dental Health1. Lemons

Lemons contain Vitamin C in abundance which is able to reduce the toothache, therefore, chewing a slice of it with its peel can help lessen the pain.


Blog 27 Image Natural Remedies For Dental Health

2. Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass juice contains several medicinal properties. Using it helps relieve cavity pain by limiting the growth of bacteria.


best home remedy Natural Remedies For Dental Health

3. Garlic and Onion

The antiseptic properties of garlic and onion help relieve toothache. Keep a slice of onion on the painful tooth or application of garlic paste with salt can also be used for toothache.


Toothache Relief Alpharetta Dentist Natural Remedies For Dental Health4. Ice Therapy

Take a small zip-lock bag and put some ice cubes in it. Wrap it with a hand towel and keep it on your jaw, near the painful tooth. It will help relieve the pain. 

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