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Natural Ways To Get Pink Lips

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Have you noticed your lips becoming darker day by day? Or the look of a prominent dark outer lip line? These are the causes of neglecting our lip care routine. Our lips have the most sensitive layers of skin and can be damaged quite easily. Taking care of your lips should be a daily chore to prevent them from darkening and unevenness.

You can achieve smooth, naturally pink lips without spending hundreds. Homemade remedies can soften and lighten the color of your lips.

Cause of Darkened Lips

Lead Lipstick Natural Ways To Get Pink LipsLips are the most prominent feature on our face, using lipsticks that are filled with chemicals is the main cause of darkened lips. Try to avoid using lipsticks that do not mention ingredients prominently, those containing high amounts of lead can be the cause of pigmentation.

Generally, the high lead amount is due to brighter colorants such as reds and pinks. Always be specific about which brand you decide to purchase lipsticks from since low quality product can be twice as harmful.

Things to Avoid

  • Lip care Natural Ways To Get Pink LipsNever reapply lipstick mid-day without removing your previous lip color. A fresh coat of lip color can prevent your lips from drying out throughout the day.
  • If you’re lips tend to become dry, use a lip balm instead of licking your lips throughout the day. Saliva can cause lips to become more chapped since the moisture dries quicker.
  • Always remove any lip makeup before going to sleep with almond oil and a soft cotton to gently rub away lipstick.

Homemade Remedies

  • Lip 2 Natural Ways To Get Pink LipsWhen you wake up in the morning, scrub your lips gently with the help of a toothbrush. The dead skin will reveal lighter lips overtime.
  • Use a mixture of olive oil and sugar as a natural lip scrub. The ingredients in olive oil can aid in hydration and depigmentation
  • Before you go to bed at night, massage your lips with a lemon juice and almond oil balm. This will help make your lips lighter since citric acid is a natural bleach.
  • Drink plenty of water! Adding hydration to your diet can increase your health and improve the skin’s texture for more smooth and supple skin.


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