Newborn Care: 5 Do’s and Don’ts!

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Bringing your baby into this world is an experience all on its own, however, not long after the birth, the excitement and happiness of this miracle can turn into a fear at times for first-time moms and can give them a flurry of butterflies in the stomach regarding the care and handling of such delicate and precious life. Hence, we have rounded up 5 dos and don’ts for newborn care that will help you know what are some of the basic things that you should or shouldn’t do and carry out your role with confidence.


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1. Take care of your hygiene when handling baby. Keep your hands always sanitized.

2. Always support your baby’s head and neck with your hands when carrying him/her. Support baby’s neck and head at all times.

3. Always test the temperature of the bath water  before bathing the baby. Test the temperature with your elbow and make sure that you have baby’s  towel, nappy, lotions and clothes ready before bathing.

4. Make your newborn sleep on his/her back to lessen the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome (SID)

5. Make sure your baby is not sucking in too much air, tilt the bottle so the teat of the bottle is always filled with milk.


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1. If bottle-feeding the baby, don’t store your baby’s feed in the fridge. Only make up a feed according to the quantity that your baby drinks every time.

2. Don’t microwave your baby’s feeders. Microwave ovens heat liquids unevenly even if you strenuously shake the feeder afterwards.

3. Don’t test the temperature of the feed by drinking it, test it by dripping a few drops onto your wrist. It should be warm, not hot.Test the temperature before every feed.

4. Don’t forget to make your baby burp half-way through the feed. Put a cloth over your shoulder for the possible feed spit-ups.

5. Never leave a baby in an unclean nappy. Regular nappy changing will lessen the risk of nappy rash.


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