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I work at a desk in front of my laptop for like 9-10 hours every day. Though it is not healthy and bad for my posture, bones and back but I take care of it by working out at gym regularly so that every joint and muscle in my body gets a chance to move, rotate and stretch. Just like the body our skin needs great attention too.

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Long exposures to sunlight can be very harmful to the skin cells and may even cause some disorders. In the same way, our skin requires moisture and hydration for the soft supple look and feel. In order to balance out the pH of our skin, we have specialized oil gland beneath our skin that secrete oil or sebum whenever our skin tends to dry out. But the under-eye area is deprived of this added feature and tends to get drier than any part of the skin on our face. This is the reason the eye area is prone to early wrinkles and darker tone. In order to avoid this condition it is advisable to add external moisture to this part so that the quenching thirst of the eye area is compensated.

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Many brands of under eye creams area available in the market which can be used both in day and night. Some creams have spf in them that give you the added element of sun protection.

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Others have brightening agents as an ingredient that lightens the eye area. During my quest to hide and treat my dark circles around the eyes, I came across a number of eye creams. One of my personal favorites was Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Beautifying Eye Care.

Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Eye Cream Nivea Visage: Beautifying Eye Care

What does the company has to say about it?

“Having a radiant and even complexion makes you look beautiful, but sometimes you don’t want to use a concealer. Now enjoy a natural beautiful eye area with a pleasant shimmering effect with NIVEA VISAGE NATURAL BEAUTY EYE CARE for an instantly enlightened and brilliantly even eye area – without a concealer look.


• The beautifying formula with Mango Milk is active throughout the day and visibly smoothes out small irregularities around the eye area.

• The light-reflecting formula with Cashmere Proteins melts on the skin to immediately give the eye area a natural and even radiance.

• The pleasantly smooth and light formula provides long-lasting moisture with regular usage for the delicate eye area.

• The special UVA/UVB filter helps protect your skin from sunlight induced premature ageing.


For an instantly natural, radiant and even looking eye area – without a concealer look”

What I say about the product?

nivea natural beauty eye cream Nivea Visage: Beautifying Eye Care

Well, it’s a holy grail for me. It is comprised of these amazing light reflecting particles that soak up into my skin under the eyes and reflect the light. It adds a touch of concealer so I don’t have to use any separately. It also acts as a primer for my eye makeup and doesn’t let my eye shadows or eye liner smudge. Moreover, when I top it with my favorite powder it gives a complete camouflage. I find the tube quite hygienic unlike the traditional eye creams that come in a jar which requires poking in of fingers. Just a small amount is required for both eyes so the 13 ml tube lasts for about 4-5 months. I also love the fact that the tube is so sleek that I can easily toss it in my travel bag and it be carried around with complete convenience.

Where to buy it?

This product can be bought at any leading drugstore or markets like Hyperstar, Metro shopping center, Imtiaz Store, Naheed store, etc. 

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