Not To Worry If You Miss Your Period!

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Missing a period can bury a woman down with qualms and fears but in actuality, most of the times, it is something not to worry about. If you are a spinster and one of those who just missed a period, do not panic! It doesn’t necessarily mean that it has something to do with medical complications. Beside pregnancy, a late or missed period may signify the following:

1. You Are Stressed Out

o STRESSED WOMAN facebook 300x213 Not To Worry If You Miss Your Period!Stress is a silent hazard and is considered the key reason of many physical illnesses. In fact, in teenagers, psychological stress is the believed to be the second most common cause of late or missed periods. Also, it can negatively affect the cycles of more mature women as well.

Nonetheless, regular practice of relaxation techniques, ranging from yoga to meditation can help you overcome stress and anxiety.

2. There is a Change in Routine

busy mom header 300x238 Not To Worry If You Miss Your Period!Sometimes, irregular menstruation cycle also denotes a significant change in routine. For example, in the month of Ramadan, our routine changes drastically, from eating habits to sleeping pattern, everything gets disturbed. Hence, it can be one of the causes of late or missed or maybe an early period. Likewise, a change in work schedule like changing from night shift to morning or morning to night can have similar consequences.

3. Travelling is Upheavaling You

The Advantages Of Going On Train For Women 300x233 Not To Worry If You Miss Your Period!Women are usually prone to disruption that travelling can cause. It can affect their sleep and eating patterns which as a result can have adverse effects on their cycles.

If you are on a trip, skipping meals or overindulging both can make the matter worse and can lead to late ovulation and menstruation if coupled with the added stress of adjusting in a different routine.

4. You Have Been Sick

Sick woman with thermometer via Shutterstock 300x206 Not To Worry If You Miss Your Period!If you have been sick lately, it can delay the process of ovulation and if you will ovulate late then automatically you will get your period late. So, if your periods haven’t arrived on time then think back if you were under attack by some illness as it might be the cause of delayed or missed periods. So, before you start panicking, think of all the possible and not-to-worry reasons that cause a missing period.

5. A Sudden Drop or Gain in Weight

weight loss 300x199 Not To Worry If You Miss Your Period!A significant change in your weight can throw your ovulation cycle off. If you have gained or lost weight dramatically, either of the case can lead to an irregular menstruation cycle.

Overall, an extremely wonky or a consistently missing period can be a sign of possible health issues. So, if you reckon that you have none of the above mentioned indications then it might be a time to see your doctor.


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