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Omega 3 – A Vital Part of Our Diet


Omega 3 is known as an essential fatty acid for a normal growth in young children especially. It is said to be very much necessary for maintaining brain and nerve function. Omega3 Omega 3   A Vital Part of Our DietIt has been researched by scientists that omega 3 primarily comes from fatty fish like, tuna, salmon etc. and walnuts.

One of the reasons doctor advice people to switch from butters and creams to unsaturated oils is that unsaturated oils have lower cholesterol as compared to saturated ones; as unsaturated oils come from vegetable, nuts and fish.

Omega 3 helps in lowering the rate of heart disease in human, this is the reason when a nutritionist gives a diet plan to a person it always involves a Nut and fish diet in the menu, whether in salads, soups or anything.


omega3 source Omega 3   A Vital Part of Our DietOur body doesn’t produce omega 3 on its own, that’s why we take it from foods and supplements like flaxseed, canola oil, soybeans, walnuts and fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines etc. the omega 3 fatty acids are very much essential for a human’s optimum health as they fight against heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, allergies and cancer.

It is also in researches that other than the oily fish and walnuts, leafy vegetables can also produce omega 3 in our systems, the leafy vegetable like spinach can be very rich in omega 3 productions hence they help to regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of arteries and also these are anti inflaming.


One of the major reasons that omega 3 should be part of our diet is that it also helps to fight against the very dreadful disease cancer (especially prostate cancer). So making fish part of your meal and eating it every third day can be very helpful to obtain more amount of omega 3 in your system.

omega3 supplement Omega 3   A Vital Part of Our DietWhen we talk about fatty fish, the question raises what fish? Other than the ones WE mentioned don’t go for fish that are high in mercury because mercury is very harmful for pregnant women or women who are hoping to get pregnant. But other than that omega 3 is very much important for the soon-to-be mommies.

Omega 3 fatty acid can also be very helpful to improve tabular dysfunctions and lipid profiles. It is also known to be helping in lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular risk profile. Similarly, sudden cardiac deaths are very much common now days and having omega 3 in your diet can lower the incidence of sudden cardiac failure. 

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