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Are Pakistani TV Dramas a True Reflection of Our Society?

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Pakistani television channels air a lot of dramas every week. These dramas are viewed by many people across Pakistan regularly. Some of these dramas have managed to become popular and receive recognition in our neighboring country, India, as well as other places around the globe due to the superb acting, direction and production that is used.

Can we therefore consider our dramas as a reflection of our Pakistani society based on their popularity. If yes, then to what extent do these dramas accurately portray the environment that we live in? Lets take a step back and try to analyse the content of our dramas.

Ever since the inception of the drama industry in Pakistan, there have been countless dramas that were written with the needs of the time in mind. Social issues and problems that take place have always been the center of focus for many script writers and novelists. These writings have then been used by production houses as the basis for many hit dramas that are aimed at educating the masses about common problems that need to be addressed.

Marital issues, family relations, poverty, corruption, child welfare, religion, education etc. are some of the hot topics that have received a lot of attention in Pakistani dramas. Many of such dramas that are still talked about long after their completion usually contain one or more of the above elements in their plot.

Pakistani viewers can relate to Pakistani dramas more than non-Pakistanis, this is obviously due to the fact that even though most of the issues treated in our dramas occur universally and in many places worldwide, there are certain aspects that are unique to Pakistan and its people.

This is because our country has a unique culture and lifestyle of its own. Aspects such as food, language, festivals, way of life etc. are showcased in our dramas.Therefore, dramas help to exhibit the Pakistani way of life.

However, sometimes a lot of stereotypes and situations are also promoted excessively, this can give people an exaggerated picture of what really goes on in our societies. The sheer amount of dramas that are based solely on mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations, husband and wife issues, jealousy etc. are so many. There is also a trend in the industry that if a certain concept becomes a hit amongst viewers then that same concept is repeated in other dramas that follow. This gives the impression that our production houses are out of original ideas.

Despite this hindrances, we have seen many amazing dramas from time to time that deal with every day issues in an engaging manner. Therefore, in order to come up with dramas that deal with fresh concepts instead of the same old worn out topics; directors, production houses as well as writers must  deal with real life issues in a tasteful manner.

Viewers also have a responsibility, they must appreciate dramas that are created with the society as a backdrop instead of patronizing those that contain the same old stereotypes, plots and story-lines.


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