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Pakistani Traditional Extravaganza to Home Decor

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Ideas for home décor in Pakistan are usually dependent upon the way our homes are designed and what part of Pakistan we live in. It also depends upon one’s budget keeping in mind that Pakistan is more expensive towards furniture and interior things. Women in Pakistan are always interested in making modifications to their home interiors and so are always looking up for reasonable solutions.

It can be confusing at time what to decide and what not to decide to keep in the rooms or the lounges so it is important that these confusions should be sought at first hand before replacing the things. It is useful and handy if you decide a theme upon which the whole interior is based because it makes it all easy and looks quite clean and amusing and the house does not look like a fish market filled with un-necessary furniture and interior.

Traditional themes, while decorating a Pakistani house is quite a catchy and different concept. Adding up traditional interiors, rugs, furniture, carpets, vases that are being manufactured in all parts of Pakistan are quite interesting to adopt. Painting the walls with bright colors, placing indoor plants also make the environment and the lounge and rooms look pretty wide.

It is important to set the rooms according to your preferences and with the interior things you need the most.  Decorating the room according to these things would help you a lot. Wall stickers, wind chimes etc. adds a little charm to the interior of the house and hence the house looks even prettier.

Traditional block printed bed sheets; wall hangings all the way from Multan and Bahawalpur are famous for decorating houses to another level.

It is important to make sure that the space of the house is kept wide and that too much of the things should not eat up the space of the house making it all congested. Pakistani floors are mostly tiled and have beautiful distinct patterns and hence the use if full length carpets is not necessary. Occasionally some weaved carpets can be used on little part of the floor but not covering the entire floor.

It is wise if not much furniture is placed in the room; this gives an extra space to the room and allows other interior things to fit themselves in the room. Pakistani traditional stuff add a lot of uniqueness and distinctiveness to the house making it look even prettier. 

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