Pakistan’s Growing Rap Industry


Rap music has gradually transitioned from the communities of disregarded African Americans to the super hit songs circulating the music industry internationally today. And Pakistan is no exception. The trend has gradually travelled to this part of the world as well and nowadays, we see more and more rap artists emerging in the industry. Fakhar-e-alam is one singer who should be given credit for introducing the genre to Pakistan. His popular release, Bhangra Pao topped the charts for twenty-eight weeks straight, going on to be featured on MTV as well. With that began the era of rap music in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at some of the emerging rap artists of Pakistan:

Adil Omer:

Adil Omar 300x170 Pakistan’s Growing Rap Industry

Hailing from the capital city, Adil Omar has been an active part of the underground music industry of Pakistan since the year 2008. The 21 year old made it big by collaborating with various popular artists such as Kool G Rap, Slash, Everlast, Xzibit and Cypress Hill. His debut album was released on the 22nd of March, 2013 under the title of The Mushroom Cloud Effect. He has released several singles as well and has been nominated for Best Emerging Talent in the Lux Style Awards. This is one Pakistani rapper you can surely place your bets on.

Xpolymer Dar:

rap engineerz 300x200 Pakistan’s Growing Rap Industry

Popularly known by his stage name, Xpolymer Dar, Mohammad Dar is part of a group of rap musicians called Rap Engineers. The band hit the rap scene in 2005 and have continued making music ever since. They rose to popularity in 2011 after the release of their single, Conflict Management, which went on to be featured on various Pakistani music channels. The Islamabad-based group continues to perform live shows all over the country and have developed a significant fan base.

Osama Com Laude:

399px Osama Com Laude in 2011 199x300 Pakistan’s Growing Rap Industry

The 26 year old Pakistani/American rapper, Osama Com Laude has sustained a solid presence in the rap industry of Pakistan by releasing songs online and performing alongside popular musicians such as Ali Zafar, Edward Maya and Imran Khan. His rise to fame occurred with the songs Pakistani and Desi Thumka in 2011. He has given countless performances all over the United States as well as Pakistan and his debut EP is set to be released this year. This is definitely one artist you should watch out for in the future rap scene of Pakistan.


Faris Shafi:

faris shafi 300x168 Pakistan’s Growing Rap Industry

A lesser known fact about this young aspiring rapper is that he belongs to the talented family tree of Saba Hameed. Though not as famous as his sister Meesha Shafi, Farish Shafi is best known for his track Awaam feat. Moroo. The rap song focuses on the various social issues faced by Pakistan. Our local Slim Shady was seen performing the track on Lux Style Awards 2013 and drawing huge amounts of applause from the audience. He tried his hand at acting as well, appearing in a hit drama series called Manjalee. The singer is currently busy working on a new song so keep your fingers crossed. 

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