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Do you know what type of parent are you?

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Are you more of a mama bear or a tiger mom? Do you let your kid rule the den or are you the master of the house? Will your child remain coddled in the kangaroo pouch or will he be allowed a flight?

The individuality of a parent’s personality produces a recognizable parenting style which is guided by strong feelings of love and respect for children. There are various ways to effective parenting, which are mostly based on our gut reactions or those parenting techniques our own parents used. But people often wonder what manner is the best.

If categorized, amongst you there are mothers who are willing to take care of a whining, tantrum-throwing and manipulative child believing that is what children do. After the child reaches a certain age, you exercise minimal control and do not assert physical force to keep the child on the right track. Your soft heart frequently tends to win out. Perhaps, you are just too lenient and it is time you tighten the rope a bit.

parenting 1 300x200 Do you know what type of parent are you?

Then we have those who have sky-high expectations and want their kids to be the best at everything. You help your child to reach future goals keeping a check on the child’s behavior, obedience and discipline. You do so by setting strict rules and explaining why these rules are important. You are protective and watch your kid like a hawk. At times, you decide on physical force to control certain situations. You think being a strict parent is the way to show your concern. You have a choice then. Either prepare yourself for a rebellion or bring a little change in your discipline style.

Lastly, there are the ones amongst you who believe in putting the child to challenges. You participate in working with your child, explaining things in simple details, and make sure that every requirement is understood. You enforce various things that need to be enforced through tactful negotiations and choose encouragement as a tool over accomplishments. If the child seems to be producing less than potential, friendly communication is preferred over strict behavior. Your child is allowed to discuss and decide under guidance. Balance works for you and you are blessed!

There is no doubt that raising a happy, healthy child is one of the most challenging jobs parents can have. Also, it is important that you know when it is the right time to let go and when to put your foot down. A parent’s personality reflects in the child’s attitude hence knowing what type of parent you are and what you should change about yourself definitely makes a difference!


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