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Post Eid Healthy Meals; Give Red Meat A Rest!


Goodbye Eid, we’ll see you next year! Let’s crawl out of our caves and welcome a healthy day at home/work. Since some of us are still delving on the ‘meaty’ spirits and not anytime sooner would put away the desires of hot barbecued items, here’s a good wake-up call for your rising cholesterol levels and sooner-than-you-think weight gains.

The discussion on how much should you eat during Haleem Dawats and Roasted Raan parties have disappeared from the scene. What comes next is important. And it’s not just about controlling your cholesterol levels and fat deposition, but also how much your stomach can take those Chatkharas and Masalahs on a daily basis.

Reality hits hard in the face when one has to choose from a plate full of delicious kebabs and pot roasts to fruit salads and the likes of healthy sandwiches. Nevertheless, it’s important to incorporate healthy course in a day. It is as simple as your car needs a highly efficient fuel to run like a beast. Anything less, however cheaper and conveniently available, will eventually deteriorate its performance.

Here’s a list of items you can try today for lunch at work or home and may thank your well-wishers for sorting out only the most flavorful ‘healthy’ eating substitutes.

These will not only help in cleansing the body of continuous meat gorging but will also relieve all gastric troubles associated with it.

1. Cabbage Crispy Noodle Salad

A combination of cabbage, bell pepper, spring onions with peanuts and dry roasted noodles will give your stomach a long wanted ease. With greeneries like cabbage and spring onions, you get a good boost of vitamins. Cabbage is enriched in Vitamin C which contains ascorbic acid and substantially helps in digestion. Try it over lunch or munch away at dinner.

2. Rice Noodle Salad Meal

Ever heard of salads making heads turn? This does it. If only a though of rice vermicelli, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell pepper topped with chicken, almonds and sesame seeds in oriental dressing doesn’t tingle your taste-buds then we’re not sure what does. Try it during anytime of the day and you’ll love it! 

3. Chicken Garden Salad

You will feel the cleansing ritual running through your body with this salad. A delicious combination of chicken strips on a bed of iceberg lettuce, greens, cucumbers and other seasonal vegetables topped with almonds will instantly refresh you for the remaining part of the day. Best to have it at brunch or lunch.

4. Spicy Channas With Baked Whole Wheat Papri

Chaat lovers, you are free to go and dwell on those chatpata papri chaats as long as you like. But, nothing will cleanse your body and soul in a more cleaner and Desi-er way than this exquisite treat. A great substitute for greasy and high caloric snack. It is all about Chickpeas flavored with chat masala, red chilies, tamarind chutney, onions, tomatoes, green chilies and coriander. Mmm Mmm!

5. Early Croissant Sandwich

No need to go all berserk over the mention of eating sandwiches for a whole month. Try this delicious Croissant sandwich that is prepared with Light mayo, chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato. Fit for breakfast and mid-work snacking temptations. What more? It carries only 370 calories.

6. Asian Chicken Noodle Bowl

Think of a bed of sesame infused rice noodles and on top of it, a juicy marinated chicken breast, some bean sprouts and fresh spring onions, carrots, cucumber and a hard-boiled egg, all tossed in Korean style Vinaigrette. Tempting enough? Try it out

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