Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

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Right after spending the nine tough months, another challenge comes your way. The post pregnancy period is considered to be even harsher than the pregnancy itself. The uncertainty about the duration of post pregnancy phase fear women the most. They start wondering when and how to achieve the same body weight they once used to have. Cutting down the excess fat and losing weight is indeed the most significant consideration during this time. The importance of losing weight during post pregnancy cannot even be denied by the doctors, as extra weight can only bring in a lot more health problems.

Post pregnancy weight loss procedure must be a gradual one; it’s healthier not to be very harsh on yourself. While making your own weight loss strategy, it is immensely important to understand the separate role of diet and exercise on your body. As proved by a search result, a good diet plan can contribute up to 80% of weight loss in post pregnancy phase; however on the other hand exercise can only help lose 20% weight. The key consideration here should be that women choose the correct blend of diet and exercise that is appropriate for their present health situation.

Starting off with the simple exercise, it is actually very helpful too to stand on one leg while brushing your teeth, this small exercise is like a simple workout session, as it involves the smaller muscles for essential funny as it may sound, eating your meals with your non dominant hand can reduce the amount of food intake noticeably. The easiest way of belly tuck in is too take long breaths while dragging the belly near the spine. This can be done a couple of times every day.

It is recommended to intake food with high nutrients and low fat. Apples, berries, oranges and fresh raw vegetables can be a very healthy snack option. Paying special attention to your breakfast can also help you lose weight, A glass of milk every morning with any multigrain cereal or whole- wheat food items can decrease the excess fat on your body. Last but not the least the fluid consumption should also be kept in mind. Its healthier to drink 8 – 9 cups of low calorie fluids every day.

A strong drive to lose weight right after pregnancy still remains the most important factor here; it requires commitment with the diet and exercise plan. However it is recommended to consult your personal doctor before taking any step towards the post pregnancy weight loss design.



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